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No One Does Halloween Like Heidi Klum

Posted in Model Obsessed by mibnufajar on 3 November, 2009


What do I know about Heidi Klum ?

a). She’s a supermodel

b). Victoria’s Secret’s Angel

c). Istri Seal

d). Promiment in Project Runway and German’s Next Top Model

e). Freaking Hot. She usually looks like this :

GQ Cover March 2009

But when it comes to Halloween, she’s not like other celebrities who love to go find an excuse to look slutty. She dressed totally (and really scary) for Halloween. And she has this Annual Halloween party, which was the 10th this year, and she shows up dressed like raven.


Heidi Klum As Raven


But I think her best costume so far is in 2008, where she dressed up like Kali, a Hindu Goddess. Wow, she’s really into Halloween.

Heidi Klum as Kali, Hindu Goddess

She’s scary.

well, check out her other pic from previous Halloween party :

Seal (Eve) & Heidi Klum (Apple)


They are so cute together, Seal posing Eve a.k.a Hawa, dan Heidi jadi apelnya.

Here’s the rest.



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