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The Problem with X-Men films : Consistency

Posted in Movies by mibnufajar on 18 July, 2012


X-Men infographics



Notes :

* The studio and director Bryan Singer actually had given explanations for two things : Unlike the comic book, in the film universe, Havok and Cyclops is not related and Emma in X-Men Origins : Wolverine and X-Men : First Class are two different Emmas with same ability. Lame excuse ? Yeah, it is.

* I heard the next X-Men movie will be a sequel to First Class and will involve time travel. I hope they don’t ruin the franchise even further, like what happened to Resident Evil films. That movie is a wreck, story wise.

Cinema 21 & XXI M-tix Reload

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Buying movie ticket for Gandaria XXI IMAX is a battle of life and death. It made you realize the length Jakartans will go to embrace their hedonism. You either start queuing at 10 AM sharp or buy your ticket via M-tix

IMAX Gandaria City

Thank God, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to own BII saving account to reload your M-tix account. you CAN reload your M-tix from every bank connected to:

  • ATM Bersama (practically every bank in Indonesia except BCA)
  • Prima (BCA, and many other bank, minus BNI and regional banks)

How ?

Go to your ATM, access the Transfer menu, to other bank account (Rekening Bank Lain). You know how to do it, right? for the bank code number, use 016 (BII), this code applies for transfer from ATM Bersama and Prima. For the account number, use 7821XXXXXXXXXXX, where X is your telephone number user for M-tix. If it’s 085255022033, then the account number is 7821085255022033. You’ll know if the transaction succeed because you will get a notifications by sms and email like five minutes or so.

(Note: Sometimes transfer via ATM won’t work. I usually use internet banking from my bank, BNI since it’s more reliable. The steps are the same, like you’re transferring funds to another bank. If it still doesn’t work, try doing it after business hours.)

Now what ?

Buy the ticket !

Contrary to popular belief too, you CAN choose your own seat. The only let down is you can’t buy your ticket anytime. There’s time limit :

  • Monday to Thursday tickets can only be bought on its respective day, from 06.30 – 11.00 AM.
  • Friday to Sunday tickets can be bought starting Friday 06.30 AM. Still, past 11.00 AM you cannot buy ticket for that day.
  • Advance tickets can be bought up to a week before showing, depending on Cinema 21/XXI’s decision.

M-Tix Cinema 21 & XXI

All in all, I think Cinema 21/XXI is still superior to it’s closest competitor, Blitz Megaplex. Blitz seat is so uncomfortable and they sell shitty food with a hefty price. They charge us three times the price of Nu Green Tea and dare to call it “Green Tea”. Cinema 21/XXI’s food is just as expensive but at least they put an effort to make their food special.

Note :

* Just to clear any potential confusion, Cinema 21/XXI & Blitz Megaplex I’m talking about are movie theater chains in Indonesia, not the one in Portland or any other places.
* M-tix reload can also be done via 21 (Cilandak Town Square and Setiabudi One) and any XXI cashier, including Gandaria City but be advised, the traffic is pretty crazy.
* When I first applied for M-tix, they are offering me reload feature via SMS but you have to sign a letter of attorney (surat kuasa) for them to charge your credit card (it’s in Senayan City, but when I asked the XXI cashier Plaza Indonesia, they know nothing about it)

Thoughts On Immortals

Posted in Movies by mibnufajar on 9 January, 2012


I’m a sucker for a movie with beautiful scenery, exquisite dress and supernatural action, and Immortals deliver it all. I watched it awhile ago, and besides the amount of violence, I like it. The movie tell the story of Theseus, a nobody whom chosen by Zeus to fight Hyperion, your typical tyrant, who is trying to resurrect The Titans, the ruling Gods before Zeus, in order to rule the world.

Rather than doing the usual movie review, I’m just gonna put some thoughts that ‘distract’ me while watching the movie. (Ok, besides the obvious distractions called “Henry Cavill and Kellan Lutz super hotness”).

1). Theseus was supposed to a demigod, the son of a Queen and a King and Poseidon. Yet in the movie they made him a bastard son of some unknown villager.

(Theseus. Probably daydreaming what if he was a demigod, like he was supposed to be)

2). Theseus arm is so big but he’s chopping wood for like, five times yet it doesn’t break. (Watch the movie, and pay close attention when he’s chopping wood besides an old man)

3).They are wearing a very-very beautiful costumes. For Gods there’s daily dress, war dress, mourning dress. There’s a dress for every occasion.

(Olympians war dress. And why there’s only five of them ? Oh Zeus, You shouldn’t have killed Ares. He’s God of War, after all.)

4). How does Kellan Lutz gets a super sexy body ? Smokin’ hot.

5). The Titans was gods before the Olympians (Zeus cs) rules, yet in the movie, they made him like some sort of savages tribe.

(How many are they ? There are only like 12 titans, mythically speaking)

6). Zeus killed Ares for helping Theseus but not Athena. When fighting the titans, Zeus only stopped when Athena is dying. When tartarus is collapsing, he only brought Athena’s body. Is he in love with her?

(There’s two horse ready to bang. And there’s Athena)

7). So many violence. I can’t help but cringe when the priest cut his tongue

8). Freida Pinto acting is so convincing when she realized that her sisters is being cooked alive.

(The most tragic scene in the movie)

9). Poseidon’s hat looks so ridiculous

(Poseidon Ridiculous hat..  and body)

10). Theseus’ son, Acamas, is kinda ugly. Seriously, how could he. Both of his parent are good looking.

11). The Gods was kinda mortal for an immortal.

How Indonesian Horror Movies Are Titled

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