Ibnu Bohari

About Me

Full Name : Muhammad Ibnu Fajar Bohari, My friends call me Nunu, Nyunyu, Nunuks, Nunun and whatever combination of Nunu they could think of.

I was born January 25th 1987, Live mostly in Makassar, ’till I got accepted at STAN Jakarta (this is the best thing happened to me until now). Now I live in Jakarta and plan to spend most of the following years here. I now work as PNS at Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan Republik Indonesia as a Programmer and Graphic Designer..

I’m not really good at programming actually, hehe.. What I’m really good at is Graphic design.. I also love Interior design and astronomy but still not able to spend more time on my hobbies.. I listen to many kind of music, but mostly are top 40 song.. What’s happening is what I’m hearing.. I love movies too..

I love to chat… Sit over at a nice place, a cup of coffee and a clique person, you’ll be amazed of how long I could sit there..

My email is mibnufajar@gmail.com & mibnufajar@yahoo.com..

I Use Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger heavily, so feel free to disturb me,hehe..


Muhammad Ibnu Fajar Bohari

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  1. aang said, on 12 January, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    well, i can see the smart writer behind all of these writing. Not like mine.
    good job!

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