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Posted in Just Some Thought by mibnufajar on 27 February, 2009

Menyedihkan sekali, gw baru pertama kali melihat Istiqlal..

Cuma mau bilang betapa amazed-nya gw melihat isi Masjid Istiqlal..

Benar-benar karya seni..

Kubahnya.. Kombinasi warna lampu dan sinar matahari..

Pilar-pilar logamnya..

Ukuran masjid itu..

Apa yang akan terjadi klo gw melihat Masjidil Haram yang super besar itu ya?

Ato Masjid Nabawi yang kubahnya bisa membuka?

Ato Dome Of The Rock dengan kubah emas-nya ?

Ato Hagia Sophia ?

I’m Amazed..


Posted in Curhat by mibnufajar on 12 February, 2009

I once swear to myself not to act weak again, talk crap, sell myself and show my (love) emotion to anyone ever again.

But i can’t help myself to say ‘i misyu’ to Wawu, yesterday

And the reply ? ‘oke’

And i kinda regret my act in the first place. Why couldn’t i control myself..

But now, I’m wondering..

What kind of oke is that?

– Oke, I don’t care..

– Oke, next topic

– Oke, you’re getting annoying ?

– Oke, i said so because i dont know what else to write..

Ughhh..hopeless-ly in love..

Never Again

Posted in Curhat by mibnufajar on 3 February, 2009

Last nite was pretty Fugly for me.

I had Perpajakan II final test (which was like..sooo difficult). The teacher also gave us our mid test result and it was horrible..

I got 20 !

20 as in the number before 21 and after 19 !!

20 from 100 scale..

There’s only one person got lower mark than me, and its because he never shows up at our lecture before.

Ironically, those pajakers got like 80-90..(yeah, rite..they were like, ate perpajakan books everyday for three years..)

Huu..and it didn’t get better at my final test..after the test i check on my book and i kinda doing a really big mistake..

I texted three persons about my mark that nite, and here’s their reply :

1. Wawu (he reply like 3 seconds after i send the msg) : “Gw o ..hehe”

Hehehe..the reply really cheer me up..

2. Galih (a minutes after) : “Nunu sabar gw ajah kombis dapat 12,5. padahal yang laen rata2 30 n 40an, dosennya ga tau kita2.huhu..”

Balasan yang sudah seharusnyah..Hmm..what a friend should be..

3. Aled (Like three hours after) : “Ap ji?Sy kr rajin ko brevet di karaokean ?he3”

This one really knocks me! I think i really should get serious from now on!!