Ibnu Bohari

Kremlin Dusk

Posted in Curhat by mibnufajar on 31 March, 2009

Akh, padahal beberapa bulan terakhir..semenjak AAK pergi ke Manado..dan dan gw berpikir rasional tentang kans gw terhadap RAN..

Udah gak pernah mikirin so called love. Gw dah hidup penuh kebahagian, maen ma temen2 gw..”single happy” kata Oppie Andaresta..

Tapi gw kecolongan niy..

Emang sih, pertama ketemu dah suka..tapi gw jg dah tau gw gak cocok banget ma dy..jadinya cuma berteman..

dan makin lama makin deket..

makin deket..

makin deket..

Ga nyadar rasa itu ada sampe dy curhat soal mantannya yg masih disukainya..

Akh..kok sakit ya..

When a heartache begin, is it like this ?

Is it always the same ? Is it like this ?

Primera’s Favourite Quote : 1

Posted in Quote by mibnufajar on 19 March, 2009

“No Pain, No Gain”

“Knowledge is Never a Waste”

“Girls are Like Apples. The Best One is in The Top of The Trees”

Am I That Scary ??

Posted in Curhat by mibnufajar on 18 March, 2009

So here’s the story: Roughly a week ago, someone’s called.

He said his name is Andre. he’s a med student from Unpad or UGM (I can barely remember the deets) and he got my number from one of my friend from STAN.

He said he had promised not to tell my friend’s name, so i can’t confirm which of my friend who gave my number to him. (but im guessing its Okitya)

And whats the point of calling ? Just looking for some new friend.


We talk about 5 minutes.

And he never called again.

And then..two days ago, he texted me, asking how am I doing. and i reply like this:

” Lg ga ngapa2in, di kamar ajah. Tumben sms, kirain dah dimakan ikan paus”

I am trying to be funny, but what i got is un-reply-ed.

I ask Natta ’bout this and she said that my sms like replying to some bitches..No wonder he ilfil and didn’t reply back.

Am I ???????

And then..

I texted Adam (bout some other subject), and he said something which saying

” I am the person with the worst response ever that make curhat jadi ga enak”

It knock me..

So i texted Andre saying, “Andre knapa ga dibalas lagi ?”

But no reply..


guess our not-so-long-with-secret-intention-awkward-friendship is officially over.


Posted in Music by mibnufajar on 16 March, 2009

I just heard songs from Utada’s newest attempt to conquer US Music Industry. One of the songs that caught my attention is “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – FYI”


Because the piano intro (which everybody loves so much at Utada blog) is really similiar with Anggun’s Seize The Moment. I don’t know why..

And i don’t know which side to support, (not necessarily too, hehe..)

Okitya, immediately after hearing Utada’s version easily choose to support Anggun, as he can’t stand hearing japanese songs (Yeah, rite..just like i can’t stand hear you singing Doel Sumbang..)

Awkward..How is it happen?curious..