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Garuda Indonesia GA 88 Jakarta – Amsterdam Economy Class Review

Posted in Stuff Around Me by mibnufajar on 10 August, 2015

This is a review of flight GA 88 CGK-SIN-AMS on August 8th, 2015.

When I was browsing for Garuda Indonesia reviews, I found a couple reviews for their First and Business Class (rave reviews, btw) but literally none on their Economy Class, at least not on their flagship Jakarta-Amsterdam route. Since we, mere mortals, mostly travel on Y class, I feel morally obliged to contribute to the society by writing this review.

It should be noted that the flight GA 88, even thought marketed as a direct Jakarta-Amsterdam flight, actually only flew directly three times a week. In the other three times (it flew six times a week), it has to make a fuel stop (and picking up extra passengers) in Singapore. Part of it because of the poor condition of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, which cannot handle Boeing 777 at full capacity (passenger, fuel, and cargo) needed to fly to Europe. I booked the Saturday flight, which is the not-so-direct-flight,that will take 16 hours 40 minutes instead of the faster 14 hours.

Terminal 2E Soekarno- Hatta International Airport Jakarta

Terminal 2E Soekarno- Hatta International Airport Jakarta


If you buy their more expensive class of ticket, you can pick your seats and meal right when you book the ticket. But if you’re a bargain hunter like me, sorry hoor. You can only pick your seat during check-in and since I go to the loo super often during long-haul flight, sitting in the middle seat is just not an option for me, so I have to check-in fast.

Check-in is available via every means imaginable. Phone, web, mobile, city check-in. but I find that their app on iOS is really shitty to do anything useful so I opt for web check-in which is available from 24 hours before flight. Garuda has 3-3-3 seats configuration and in such scheme I always opt for an aisle seat in the middle section. Aisle seat on either left or right section are going to be bothered by two people whenever they need to go to the bathroom. While aisle seat in the middle is only going to be bothered by one person, and there’s only 50% chance s/he will pick your side. Bonus point if a couple sitting next to you, meaning you won’t be bothered during the whole flight.

And yes there’s still empty aisle seat in the back. 61G, yay! There are two configurations of this aircraft, the one with and without First Class. I flew the one without First Class, which is still not covered by SeatGuru and got me confused because in their website, economy class ends at row 52.

Seat configuration, according to SeatGuru. Incorrect.

Seat configuration, according to SeatGuru. Incorrect.

Check-in process was smooth and there’s barely any queue since I arrived early and I was told we have to disembark in Singapore along with our luggage. Yay for me, meaning I will be eligible for the $30 Voucher Garuda is giving away for every passenger flying to Amsterdam via Changi.

Then the universe said no…

Flight Delay

Flight Delay

I’ve flown Garuda my entire life and haven’t had any major delays in recent memory but this one just got delayed from 20.20 to 23.05 (Almost three hours!) because of the ongoing Mt. Raung volcanic ashes eruption preventing connecting passengers from Bali from joining us. Oh well.. I guess no shopping in Singapore then, since most shops in Changi close at 1 AM. (I have already planned to buy some passport holder or luggage tag with my voucher..)

Good thing is, Garuda gives us, stranded passengers, access to either Keris or Emerald Sky Lounge, and I chose the latter since I’ve heard about it a lot and boy was it crowded. In terms of food the choice is endless, from cold sandwich to proper full meal. They also provide variety of drinks. Wi-fi is slow though, and there is hardly any power outlet.

Food selections at Emerald Sky Lounge Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta

Food selections at Emerald Sky Lounge Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta

Food selections at Emerald Sky Lounge Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta

Food selections at Emerald Sky Lounge Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Jakarta

Relaxing at Emerald Sky Lounge, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Relaxing at Emerald Sky Lounge, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Boarding went smoothly.

Jakarta-Singapore Leg

Garuda Indonesia In-Flight Entertainment

Garuda Indonesia In-Flight Entertainment System

The IFE remote control. Love that it's modern and simple.

The IFE remote control. Love that it’s modern and simple.

Seat is comfy, definitely one of the best if not the best but sadly lacking power outlet or USB charger. The IFE system is responsive and there’s quite a bit of choice, but not as much as I’d like. Upside is, they’re available even on the ground so you can enjoy it immediately (it will reset after take off, though). I have brought along Emirates Noise-Cancelling headphones that I borrow from Robse but sadly, they’re not a match. Garuda Indonesia uses two-pronged headphone system instead of three.

Two-pronged headhone jack

Two-pronged headhone jack

While waiting for take-off we were offered a choice of apple or orange juice in a packaged cup and soon after take off FA starts offering dinner, a choice between beef pasta or chicken with rice. Being true Indonesian, I chose rice. But being served meal at 01.00 AM, I can’t seem to enjoy the food, but at least it’s not disappointing. Flight went smoothly and we landed in Singapore around 02.20 AM.

Welcome drink. Apple Juice.

Welcome drink. Apple Juice.

Garuda Indonesia GA 88 Dinner

Garuda Indonesia GA 88 Dinner

Because of local regulations, everyone has to disembark with their luggage and went to security check again even though we were only going to be there for 45 minutes. In front of the gate officers are handing out snacks, transit pass and my $30 Voucher (yay!) valid until 1st of November 2015.

Transit-in-Singapore Package

Transit-in-Singapore Package

Singapore-Amsterdam Leg

Amenities Kit and Mineral Water

Amenity Kit and Mineral Water

I was pleasantly surprised that they put a small bottle of mineral water in each of our seats, which is a better solution than providing water dispensers near lavatories like Singapore Airlines (mostly because the water tasted horrible). Besides pillow and blanket, Garuda also provides small amenity kit for economy passengers, consisting of earplugs, socks and eye mask. Compared to other top airlines, I have to say Singapore Airlines and Etihad provides better amenities, which include toothpaste and toothbrush (which are very useful!)

During this leg of flight, the staff is making announcement in three languages, Indonesia, English and Dutch.. Nice to hear Dutch with Indonesian accent being spoken. The safety demonstration video also has dutch subtitles in it that gets Dutch passengers excited.

Safety Demonstration, with Dutch subtitles

Safety Demonstration, with Dutch subtitles

Taking off at 04.30 AM, I was wondering whether we are going to be served full meal at all. I think at this point everyone just wants to sleep. And sure enough, as soon as the lights go off for take-off, I can’t hold my sleepiness any longer. I was awoken soon after by staffs making rounds offering warm chicken bread (which tasted delightful! Love it). They also handed out breakfast menu, which will be served shortly before landing…

In-between Fuel

In-between Fuel

Garuda Indonesia GA 88 Breakfast Menu

Garuda Indonesia GA 88 Singapore-Amsterdam Menu

Hmm.. Apparently there’s some snack in the galley.. I went to check it out on my lavatory run and they are fruitbars and bananas. Not bad. Afterwards I went to full-on sleep mode.

Snacks in the Galley

Snacks in the Galley

Btw, there is wifi on board, one hour for $11.95 and $21.95 for 24-hour, payable by credit cards. You can also use your mobile phone via AeroMobile, as long as your telco provider supports it. International Roaming charges apply.

Wi-fi On Board

Wi-fi On Board

Wi-fi On Board Prices

Wi-fi On Board Prices

Four hours later, I woke up and decided to check their EFI. Hmm, they have bigger movie selections now, with even more new movies like Furious 7 and The Age of Adaline… I picked We’re The Millers (hilarious movie, btw) and Harry Potter. The Millers movie has Chinese subtitles and I can’t find a way to turn it off.

We're The Millers on Garuda IFE. Hilarious movie. But with Chinese subtitles

We’re The Millers on Garuda IFE. Hilarious movie. But with Chinese subtitles

I forgot to take the picture of the breakfast, but it’s an okay meal.. I picked the western menu, omelette with chicken sausage, tomato, potato and carrots. They also give us Yoghurt, sliced fruits and croissant (with butter only, no jam).

I fell asleep again, either because I am very tired or the seat is just accommodating. I think this is the first I flew long haul and not feeling like the clock moves super-duper slow. I don’t even need my neck pillow. It was actually sort of pleasant.

Landing was uneventful and off the plane I am..

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777 Interior

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777 Interior


Pleasant flight! Seat is comfy, food is ok, FAs are delightful, but I have to say Singapore Airlines still provides better services for their economy class (They serve cocktail on board, even for Economy class passenger. SQ also serves more variety of food, and their FAs are equally nice). But I would choose Garuda for a truly non-stop Jakarta-Amsterdam flight, and SQ is simply more expensive.


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My hair is my blessing and my curse.

It’s black, it’s thick, it’s wavy, it’s beautiful and I love it. But it’s also grows very fast. Usually it starts looking messy three weeks after my last haircut and in Netherlands, it can be a problem. Why? Because haircut in Netherlands is a little steep (at least for me). Your option would be between street corner barber, which cost about €10 up until Toni&Guy salon, that will cost you €58, for the standard stylist and not including extra services, tax, etc.

Thankfully near my campus there’s ROC Mondriaan school. It’s a vocational school that will teach you real life skill such as how to be a receptionist, barber, barista, hotelier, etc. They have businesses that doubles as some sort of classroom. They have fitness center, café, hair salon and others (You know where this is going right ?)

I checked their website and look at their price list on their hair salon and haircut is only going to cost you  €8.5. The cheapest I can find in The Hague. Without further ado, I go there.

Mon Bizz

 Their place looks expensive, with better equipment than your usual franchise hair salon in Jakarta.

I went to the receptionist (whom I didn’t realize were also a student) and asked to get a haircut but she looks confused. She went to call her friend and then I realize she doesn’t speak English. Then I talked to this new girl about my intention and the she told me to wait on a nice comfy chair and asked me if I want some coffee or tea (wow!)

Haircut time..

My hairstylist is a first year student, who doesn’t speak english and this was her first time cutting someone’s hair. Lucky me.

She was accompanied by a male teacher, and thankfully, he did most of the work. When she was cutting, it was awful. She wasn’t even sure how to position her finger and her scissor correctly. She cut awkwardly. To tell her not to cut my hair too short, I need a translator. Such an  experience. But I’m happy with the end results. It’s not a radical or experimental haircut, just some trimming on the side and the back.

I got a nice little surprise when I’m about to pay. Turns out there’s a 50% discount for the month of September, so I only paid €4.25 (When I went to class that day, a friend from Korea also cut his hair and he paid €20. When I tell him how much I paid, he said “Whaaa.. ??”)

Anyway, this is the result.

Haircut September

A picture taken in 2013 must have frames and instagram-effect. Sorry not sorry.


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There are several important cards (or as the Dutch call it, “kaart”) you need to survive in Netherlands (especially in Big Cities).


1. OV-chipkaart

Openbaar Vervoer chipkaart (Public Transportation chip card) is the ultimate card to travel in Netherlands. You use this card to pay for buses, trams, metros and trains (basically every public transportation available here). You can also pay with cash, but it’s a lot more expensive. For example, going to city center with OV-chipkaart cost like €1.4, with cash it’s €3. So you better get one of this if you plan to travel a lot inside NL. The card itself cost €7.5 (with €0 balance).

2. Betaalpas

A Debit card. This one is from ING Bank, one of three biggest bank in NL, others being ABN Amro and Rabobank. The difference with Indonesia is, even though cash is still widely used here, the most common use of payment is with this card. In Supermarket, shop, etc, when you are about to pay for things, the cashier will tell you the amount you need to pay and then you put your card in the machine (you do it yourself) and press your PIN number. This is why it’s also called PINcard.

Talking about bank, you are free to draw money from other banks ATM, with a restriction only once a day and maximum amount of €250.

3. Insurance Card

You HAVE to have an insurance if you plan to live in NL (for traveling it’s not necessary). This one is from IPS. In NL you don’t go to hospital every time you got sick (unless for emergency), you have to go to one of doctor clinic first and then they will decide whether just to give you medicine or refer you to a hospital.

4. Student Card

Or as I’d like to call it, a Discount Card. With this card you can get discounts in many places. Gym membership cost around €50/month, with this card you can get it for €35. Movies cost about €10, with this card it’s only €8. And so on..

Btw, bringing your ID is mandatory is NL. You need to bring this and your passport with you all the times. It’s very rare that an officer checking your ID but you’ll never know. You can get fined. In fact, Dutch police fine you for every little thing. Didn’t bring an ID, PAY. Crossing the street when the light is still red, PAY. Taking out your trash in the wrong day, PAY (They have calendars for when you can throw out your big trash like electronic or furniture)

5. Laundry Card

I’m so excited about this cos I’ve only seen it the movie, LOL. Apartment building usually have laundry machine that you pay with this card. You can top up the amount with Paypal or Credit Card. The cost is €2.5 for washing machine and €2 for dryer machine for one time use. You have to provide your own detergent and softener. You can check the status of the machine online and you can even reserve a spot there.

Other cards you might get interested in :

6. Museumkaart

Dutch people love museums! There are more than 400 museums in this country (or so I’ve been told) and you can get free entry to almost all of them with this card. The card cost €50 which sounds expensive but the entry fee to Dutch museum is quite hefty (usually €10 or more) so if you love arts this is totally worth it.

7. Pathé Unlimited Card

Pathé is the name of biggest movie theater chain in NL. It’s a French company. A movie ticket cost €10 per person and €8 for student. With this card, cost €19/month, you can watch as many movies as you want between 10:00-18:00 everyday. They also have Pathé Unlimited Gold, €26/month that will also give you access to unlimited 3D and IMAX movies.

But I don’t know, there’s a lot of more interesting to do here in NL other than movies so I haven’t been inclined to buy the cards.

Cinema 21 & XXI M-tix Reload

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Buying movie ticket for Gandaria XXI IMAX is a battle of life and death. It made you realize the length Jakartans will go to embrace their hedonism. You either start queuing at 10 AM sharp or buy your ticket via M-tix

IMAX Gandaria City

Thank God, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to own BII saving account to reload your M-tix account. you CAN reload your M-tix from every bank connected to:

  • ATM Bersama (practically every bank in Indonesia except BCA)
  • Prima (BCA, and many other bank, minus BNI and regional banks)

How ?

Go to your ATM, access the Transfer menu, to other bank account (Rekening Bank Lain). You know how to do it, right? for the bank code number, use 016 (BII), this code applies for transfer from ATM Bersama and Prima. For the account number, use 7821XXXXXXXXXXX, where X is your telephone number user for M-tix. If it’s 085255022033, then the account number is 7821085255022033. You’ll know if the transaction succeed because you will get a notifications by sms and email like five minutes or so.

(Note: Sometimes transfer via ATM won’t work. I usually use internet banking from my bank, BNI since it’s more reliable. The steps are the same, like you’re transferring funds to another bank. If it still doesn’t work, try doing it after business hours.)

Now what ?

Buy the ticket !

Contrary to popular belief too, you CAN choose your own seat. The only let down is you can’t buy your ticket anytime. There’s time limit :

  • Monday to Thursday tickets can only be bought on its respective day, from 06.30 – 11.00 AM.
  • Friday to Sunday tickets can be bought starting Friday 06.30 AM. Still, past 11.00 AM you cannot buy ticket for that day.
  • Advance tickets can be bought up to a week before showing, depending on Cinema 21/XXI’s decision.

M-Tix Cinema 21 & XXI

All in all, I think Cinema 21/XXI is still superior to it’s closest competitor, Blitz Megaplex. Blitz seat is so uncomfortable and they sell shitty food with a hefty price. They charge us three times the price of Nu Green Tea and dare to call it “Green Tea”. Cinema 21/XXI’s food is just as expensive but at least they put an effort to make their food special.

Note :

* Just to clear any potential confusion, Cinema 21/XXI & Blitz Megaplex I’m talking about are movie theater chains in Indonesia, not the one in Portland or any other places.
* M-tix reload can also be done via 21 (Cilandak Town Square and Setiabudi One) and any XXI cashier, including Gandaria City but be advised, the traffic is pretty crazy.
* When I first applied for M-tix, they are offering me reload feature via SMS but you have to sign a letter of attorney (surat kuasa) for them to charge your credit card (it’s in Senayan City, but when I asked the XXI cashier Plaza Indonesia, they know nothing about it)

Using Macbook is Bad for Your Memory

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I have been a Mac person for about a year now, and while there’s many good things about Macbook that made it a superior from Windows-based PC, it also has it downside. It makes you forget things (sigh!). Below i have put down a list of things I forgot now that I own a Macbook :

1. Where did I put my files ?

Mac has this amazing feature called Spotlight that indexed everything on your computer, files, emails, webpages,etc. and If I wanted to search for something, I just fired up spotlight and it will search for them, super fast (unlike its Windows copycat feature).  And every time you fired up Finder (Mac equivalent of Explorer in Windows), you are being presented with list of files based on its type in a chronological order so it’s even easier to find files you recently used.

Both of those feature makes you no longer need to navigate to folders to find your files and makes it even harder to remember where did you put your files.

2. What is driver ?

Printer is one of my most hated electronic devices out there. They seems to be broken  every time you need them the most, combine it with Windows and you got a disaster. Printer driver is one of my biggest complain when using windows computer. Sometimes you just want to use a printer for one-time printing yet you have to scramble to find the driver, not to mention when you do find the driver, they install some useless add-ons with it.

What happen with printers in Mac ? You don’t have to worry about it. Mac regularly download printer driver from Apple server (you can opt to only download the popular type of printer) so when you do plug a printer on it, you just have to select the correct type of printer from the list and ta-da.. you’re done. And the good thing is, regardless of the type of the printer, they will all have consistent interface in Mac. Compared that to Windows : different printer, different bloated, ugly interface, ugh. Such an eye sore.

Moreover, this driver thingy is not only limited to printer. Remember when you’re installing  Windows (every year or two) ? you have to find the right driver for the right operating system and you have to restart your system countless times. No, this doesn’t happen in Mac. Basically, there’s no such thing as driver.

3. Have I charged my laptop yet ?

Brand new windows-based laptop usually only have 2 hours battery life. Mac is double than that (at the minimum). It is very power-efficient, you can watch three episodes of Desperate Housewives without worrying about power cord.

4. How to shut down this laptop ?

Power-wise, Mac laptop behave more like smartphone than desktop computer. It is designed to be on all the time so you basically don’t have to turn off your computer, just close the lid and in a few seconds the computer will go to sleep with every component turned off except the memory (RAM). When you open the lid, it will be ready for use instantly. The only time you need to shut it down is when you’re not planning to use it for a long period.

This behavior saves you a lot of time. Booting computer takes a lot of time, more so if you have installed many, many programs that require itself to be active at boot time. This is the reason I only shut down my PC computer at work on Friday afternoon.

5. What ? There’s a virus in a computer  ?

Despite what you might’ve read somewhere, I assure you, from real life experience, there’s no such thing as virus on Mac. I’ve witnessed too many of my colleagues losing hours even days of their productive time to deal with viruses on Windows.

Few months ago there’s a widely reported Malware attack on Mac (despite being widely reported, it only attack small number of users), since then Software Update feature on Mac added an additional defensive measure, by automatically updates the system to defend itself from such attack.

6. Mmm.. How to use this mouse thing.. ?

Multi-touch is amazing. It is much more natural than using a mouse and I can’t describe the wonder of using trackpad instead of mouse, you have to try it. Remember the awe you experienced using touchscreen smartphone or tablet for the first time ? Apple devices give you even better multi-touch experience. Swipe here, pinch there, it’s all so magical.

7. Have I saved my files ?

We’ve all been there. We wrote 10 pages long paper due for tomorrow and when Word asked for saving, we press Don’t Save instead of Save. Dark times it was. Well, that no longer happens in Mac. Mac (note: OS X Lion only ) automatically saves your work, and you even can easily revert back when needed. Cheers to that.

Sounds like a Mac endorsement, no?

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My Current Obsession : Pedro Sandals

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I’m Drooooooooling over these sandals.. can’t decide which color to choose though. Hmm..

I’ve visited Pedro store in Pacific Place, too bad they don’t have it.

I Want These !

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I want these pants.. where can i get them in Indonesia.. where can i get them.. where can i get them..

Oak Drop Crotch Trousers.. It’s kinda cool..

Beauty is Pain

Posted in Stuff Around Me by mibnufajar on 19 August, 2009

It’s soooo damn trueeeeee….

Jadi suatu hari, gw bersama Galih dan Kiki berniat shopping, ga pake dalam rangka apa2, di hari Kamis, siang bolong, dimana seharusnya orang-orang pada bekerja, kta malah ngabur untuk berbelanja, hihi (Kiki lagi cuti sihh..). Tujuan awal Pasaraya.. gw emang dah niatin cari sepatu.. disana gw gak nemu apa2..

Langsung pindah tempat.. ke PIM.. Pas disini, gw nemu sepatu Zara yang oke bangget (thanks to the eye of Galih), masalahnya adalah : Gada size-nya.. Mereka cuma punya dua size, 40 dan 41.. Yang 41 sebenernya muat (meskipun agak nge-pas), cuman sayang, size 41 cuman ada satu biji yg di display, dan barang display itu dah cacat.. poor me.. dari situlah perburuan dimulai..

Kta akhirnya nyambangin Zara Senayan City, gak nemu T_T.. ke Plaza Senayan.. ga ada Zara Man.. Haduhhh siayal banget dehh.. intinya ampe pulang pun gw masih kebayang sepatu ituhhh..

Beberapa minggu kemudian, gw janjian ngopi ma temen gw di Starbucks Senci (dy lagi ngegebet barista dsana, hahahahaha).. Sekalianlah gw nyari2 sepatu yg bikin gw penasaran ittuhhh.. sapa tw dah ada..

Deng deng deng.. gw naik eskalator.. gw jalan mendekati toko Zara.. Gw masuk.. Gw ke bagian Man-nya.. Gw muter2, mengamati sepatu-nya..satu persatu.. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn…

Gw tidak menemukannya..

Siyall.. Sepatu itu spertinya sudah tidak akan terlihat lagi.. Ada satu sih yg mirip ma sepatu itu, dan lumayan bagus juga.. tapiihhhh.. harganya kagak nahan, jadi gw gak membelinya, heuehehehehe…

Akhirnya gw menyambangi toko sepatu lain dan sampailah gw pada S & K..

Disana aku menemukan sepatu putih ituuu..

Awalnya dy adalah sepatu biru-norak… tapi mba2 nya bilang, ‘mas ada yg warna putihnya kog’.. dan akhirnya aku melihatnya.. ga bagus2 banget sihh.. tapi kata temen gw, baguusss.. yasudah aku memakainya..

kog rada sempit yak..

‘mba ini size berapa ?’


‘ada yg 41 gak ?’

‘ga ada mas, tinggal 40’

(berpikir keras)

(masih berpikir keras sambil mempertimbangkan bahwa kalo gw gak beli nih sepatu, kejadian Zara akan terulang..)

Akhirnya aku membelinyahhh.. murah lagi, hanya setengah dari harga sepatu yg di Zara..

Dan walhasil aku memakainya pertama kali waktu nuntun Merantau ma anak2 di PI..

North Star vs S&K

Inilah dy futu sepatunya.. biasa banget yak sepatunya ? hahahaha..

sepatu gw sebelah kanan.. yg kiri tu sepatu Doni..


Lalu dimana Beauty is Pain-nya ? Beauty is Pain-nya adalah sepatu itu ngepas, terlalu ngepas..  Pokoknya selama jalan2 itu kaki gw tersiksa, huhuhu.. Gw gak bilang apa2 sih ma anak2, gw cuma masang muka meringis.. Mungkin gw dikirain salah makan  ato apa kali yak.. pokoknya suakit deh, pake sepatu kekecilan.. T_T

Blackberry Curve 8900 (Javelin) : One Week Review

Posted in Blackberry, Stuff Around Me by mibnufajar on 29 June, 2009

Okeh. Jadi gw adalah salah satu korban kapitalisme-konsumerisme-gak tahan liat saldo banyak ditabungan-latah-neo liberalisme-bla3. Gw pengen punya Blackberry, like everyone did.

Jadinya mulailah gw searching2.. Blackberry apa yang cocok dengan gw.. Yang jelas pilihannya hanya tiga : Bold, Javelin, atau Storm. Kenapa ? Karena motivasi beli gw 70% adalah buat gaya.. Masa mw gaya tapi gayanya pake Curve 83XX ?? No Can Do. Harus keluaran terbaru.

Storm ? Coret. Pake Touchscreen. Ga berasa Blackberry-nya. Blackberry is QWERTY (or QWERTZ for East Europe, for all i care..). Kalo mw touchscreen, beli iPhone 3Gs

Bold? Most likely, tapi its way tooooooo expensive. Given its poor camera and battery life comparing to Javelin. My friend says it barely hang on one full day. And its bulky

Javelin ? Just perrrrfect, except for its lack of 3G (which i don’t miss a lot, since its already kind of fast..)

So i bought Javelin.

Dan setelah menggunakannya selama seminggu, here’s my review :

Harga, Rp 5.950.000, beli di Global Teleshop Semanggi. Bundling dengan Telkomsel. Kalo mw lebih murah dan rada terjamin, Rp 4.800.000 di Bhinneka.com.  Atau Rp4.500.000 di toko2 di Roxy. Bedanya apa ? Garansi. Kalo yang bundling operator, di garansi 1 tahun oleh operator. Beli di tempat lain ? garansi 3 bulan oleh distributor.

Perbedaan harga yang sangat mencolok pasti bikin smua orang tergiur, termasuk gw juga. Tapi klo yang dah punya Blackberry ato yg mw beli Blackberry, pasti tau dong kalo Blackberry itu punya yang namanya PIN. PIN adalah identitas dari handset Blackberry itu. Dan satu PIN hanya untuk satu Blackberry. Nah, sekarang itu lagi gencar2nya yang namanya cloning PIN, jadi pedagang2 licik yang cuma mw nyari untung, nyari handset Blackberry bekas, diperbaharui kemudian diisikan dengan PIN palsu. Nah yang kayak gini, sanagt2 berbahaya untuk kelangsungan hidup handset Blackberry itu, soalnya, RIM (Research in Motion, perusahaan yang memproduksi Blackberry) dapat mendeteksi jika sebuah PIN digunakan oleh dua buah handset secara bersamaan. Dan akhirnya ? PIN di-suspend, Handset itu tidak bisa digunakan untuk layanan Blackberry (tapi buat nelepon dan sms masih bisa)

Nah, makanya, jangan beli Blackberry sembarangan.. biar ga kena suspend. Tapi dua temen gw, belinya di non-operator, dan masih baik2 saja, jadi klo pun gak mw beli yang dari operator, belinya di tempat yang dah terpercaya, jangan deh ampe ke Roxy, kayaknya dsana banyakan penipu-nya tuh..  Malah ada satu yang dah terkenal penipu di milis2, Toko Aloha (pemiliknya namanya Sugi Tan) just sharing info.. jadi Waspadalah.

Trus masalah setting, ternyata gampang bangget.. tapi gw cuma tau yang BB Telkomsel yak.. jadi tinggal isi pulsa 180.000 (kcuali yang punya Kartu Halo). ketik BB REGkirim ke 333, lakukan konfirmasi and voila, lu dah bisa browsing, push mail (didafterin dulu email yang mw di-push ke telkomsel.blackberry.com) dan seterusnya..

Trus2, balik lagi ke Review-nya, ini dia kesan2 gw :

1. Bentuknya sungguh indahhhhhh….

2. Layarnya terang dan bagus banget, meskipun hanya 65.00 warna, best screen i’ve seen so far in a mobile phone.

3. Speakernya payah.. Ringtone-nya jelek2 pula (Klo Bold katanya jauh-jauh lebih baik)

4.  Kamera, resolusi 3.2 mpix dengan flash dan auto fokus yang beda ( biasanya kan ato fokus tuh : kita jepret setengah, stelah dapet fokus, baru pencet penuh. Nah ini beda, kita langsung pencet penuh, ntar kamera langsung fokus ke bagian tengah dan jadi deh, lebih simpel tapi kita gak bisa milih fokus, jadi objek harus berada ditengah). Hasil jepretannya juga oke banget. Ngalah2in Viewty gw yg 5 mpix…

5. Push Email : The best ever.. Sangat keren. Cepat. Real time. Bahkan email bpk.go.id yang gak bisa gw POP3 itu akhirnya bisa gw push ke hape gw. Banyak orang yang bilang, sekarang kan dah banyak HP yang bisa push mail, bahkan hape Java biasapun bisa diinstalin program2 push mail biar bisa kayak Blackberry. I tell you now : it’s different. Kenapa ? Buat  henpon yang gak native mendukung push mail sehingga harus diinstalasi program push mail macam Seven, harus menjalankan aplikasi itu terus menerus biar bisa dipush.. Udah gitu, karena program itu dibangun utk banyak handset, jadinya gak nyaman interfacenya, lambat, dan berbagai macam kelemahan lainnya

Hape yang sudah mendukung push mail, tapi bukan Blackberry memang bisa lebih nyaman interface-nya, tapi its so damn slow dibandinkan Blackberry karena Blackberry punya sistem kompresi sendiri sehingga email berukuran 1 MB bisa dikompresi hingga menjadi 10 kb.. kemudian meskipun dijejali ribuan email, sistemnya tetap lancar-car-car gak nge-hang.. Coba bayangin Nokia Symbian lo dijejali 1000 inbox, ouch, cabe deh…super duper lelet..

6. Ada fitur search.. jadi mw nyari mail, contact, sms dsb bisa disearch ajah.. Ini juga salah satu kelebihannya dibanding hape2 push mail biasa..

7. Contact-nya sangat2 ekstensif, bisa diconnect ke Facebook (utk mendownload foto dari facebook), Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, dsb..

8. Sistemnya terintegrasi dgn Facebook banget. Jadi abis ngambil foto, bisa langsung di-tag dulu sebelum diupload.

9. Aplikasi yang tersedia buat Blackberry sangat sedikit dan terbatas, dah gitu kebanyakan berbayar pula, malas bangettt..

10. Batre-nya booooroooosssss, 1360 mAH bertahan hanya setengah hari.. Tapi itu wajar, utk 2-3 hari pertama pemakaian (masih bru gtu lohh). Sekarang sih batre gw bertahan skitar 1 hari.

11. QWERTY cukup nyaman meskipun kadang kelingking gw pegel..

12. Music Player-nya keren..keren..keren..

13. Gw doyan banget dengan Hape ber-font kecil, dan tulisan hape ini bisa diset mpe font size 7, Love it.. Small is beautiful..

14. Online 24 Jam. Gw Wikipedia freak. Semua hal harus gw search di Wikipedia. or Google. Jadi bisa always online is such a bless

15. Blackberry browser-nya oke. lumayan cepet dan bisa merender http://www.facebook.com, bisa buka web banking-nya BNI juga.

16. Email slalu dateng, and its kinda annoying. Tiap lima menit, tiap nengok hape, pasti selalu ada email baru, notifikasi facebook baru,chat baru.. males juga lama2..

17. Twitter + Blackberry is such a perfect combination. Once you had something in your mind, tweet it !

18.  I just love it.

Nokia 1661

Posted in Stuff Around Me by mibnufajar on 15 May, 2009

Kemaren abis beli henpon Nokia 1661, soalny lagi ngebet punya nomer M3, Padahal, sebenarnya dah janjian juga ma GLH mw beli E63, tapi scara ntu anak ga jelas kapan mw beli hapenya, yasudahlah gw beli aja ni hape, scara niatnya jg cm bwt smsan dan telponan. Harganya pun murmer, cuma 505 ribu sajjah (niatnya sih nyari hape yg 100-ribuan ajah, eh, tp trnyata ga ada yak, hehehe)

Nah, setelah dibongkar2, satu2nya fitur andalan ni hape adalah FM Radio (keren ga seehhh ;-P), jadinya sekarang gw doyan bgt dengerin stasiun radio favorit gw jaman kuliah dolo, Prambors..padahal Viewty gw juga ada radionya, tapi kog lebih seneng dengerin disini yak??? batrenya juga lebih awet sihh..gw makenya bisa 3 harian gtu.

Trus ada lagi nih fitur yg bagus bgt, fitur “Send Later”-nya, jadi klo lu mw ngirim sms, tapi pengennya nyampe ntar ajah (misalnya bwt ucapan ultah), lu tulis aja smsnya seperti biasa, tapi lo pilih opsi Send Later, trus lu masukin deh tanggal dan jam yg lu pengen..ntar sms-nya bakal ke kirim jam sgitu (kayaknya sih, blom pernah nyoba euy..ntar akh, pas Ultahnya MFR, hohoho)

Trus apalagi yak? ni hape gw sukanya soalnya font-nya bisa diatur jadi kecil2, sms tu bisa 5 baris, lebih enak bacanya..nampung sms juga lumayan banyak, ga teu brapa, scara gada counternya. tapi cukuplah bwt bersayang2an selama seminggu.

Trus phonebook bisa dikasih gambar, tapi gambarnya cuma bisa yg pre installed, ga bisa dtambahin (ya standar sihh, gambar orang, hati, bintang, gtu2 deh)

Ringtone ga bisa dtambah, theme ada 20 (tapi jelek smuah)

Trus ada senternya (penting ga sih)

Dan fitur2 standar lainnya lah.

Desainnya juga elegan bgt bwt hape 500-ribuan.

Jadi sodara2, belilah hape ini.

Oh ya, this is my first Nokia.