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Unlimited Wants Vs. Limited Resources

Posted in Curhat by mibnufajar on 23 November, 2010

Sounds familiar ?

It’s the very foundation of economic problem. It’s the reason why we should learn about interest rate, the complex mathematic solution to annuities, about accounting, about debits and credits. It’s why “Economy” major exist.

Unlimited wants vs. limited resources, or scarcity, is a problem that occurred because humans have unlimited things they want, but our earth can only provide a limited resources to fulfill those wants (please note there’s a vast difference between “want” and “need”). That’s why we need economy, to distribute those resources appropriately.

Now, I’m not gonna tell a boring tale about economic theories here.. Just a short quote from my first grade teacher in High School.. Her name is Mrs. Syamsiar. She’s not exactly someone i would call a “model teacher” (in other word, she’s not that smart and competent), but there’s this one quote that I remember to this very day. It’s when she explained to us about the aforementioned scarcity. She was saying,

“Actually, it’s not resources that’s unlimited. There were more than enough goods for all of us. What’s limited is our MONEY, right ?”

Yep, just like that she attack the most fundamental economic problem. Adam Smith would wake up from his grave just by hearing the sentences. Of course i resent her and her theory.


Fast forward to last night, when i realize I had a major debt problem. My shopping spree were uncontrollable thanks to this little plastic card who gives me illusion I have another zero in my bank account balance ( Ok, I definitely exaggerating about how much is my credit card limit if it could add another digit to my saving, but you get the point)

It kinda made me realize that actually, to a certain extend, she was ‘right’ all along. To every person, individually, the so-called “economic problem” is not unlimited wants vs. limited resources.. but unlimited wants vs. limited incomes. Of course in bigger picture, Me and the rest of the world was right and she was wrong.

Back to my problem, I think all I need is some sanity..

I would go as far as saying that I am what I wear (My dear friend Aldre once remind me of that). Sometimes I feel insecure without good clothes (My shopping problem list mostly consists of clothes). I feel like I couldn’t match or compete with others in this harsh social world, where everything is judged by your physical appearances.

People used to tell us it’s about your heart, your inner beauty. What’s most important is that you’re nice. But apparently, now it’s ok being cruel as long as you’re hot. You deserved to be a narcissist cos you’re good looking. It’s acceptable to be a little rude cos you’re rich.

All these things are killing my self esteem. So I need all these clothes to bring me back from the deep well of desperation..

And I blame the society for my credit card bill.


My Current Obsession : Pedro Sandals

Posted in Stuff Around Me by mibnufajar on 15 November, 2010

I’m Drooooooooling over these sandals.. can’t decide which color to choose though. Hmm..

I’ve visited Pedro store in Pacific Place, too bad they don’t have it.