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Primera’s Favourite Quote : Jan 21th, 2010

Posted in Quote by mibnufajar on 21 January, 2010

The only thing that can heal a broken heart is time.
— How I Met Your Mother, S0201

Well, that. or a really hot replacement.
— Myself

Primera’s Heavy Rotation : Jan 18th, 2010

Posted in Music by mibnufajar on 18 January, 2010

Another music review.. Many2 credit to my great friend, Ren Adam,  for the music references. I think he’s one of few people who give big influence on my music taste. Sorry for the short descriptions, not really in the mood for long writing.

1. Kat Deluna – Push Push (feat. Akon)

Nice song, kinda remind me of “Calling You”. Produced and featuring Akon, It’s a very catchy song, from the very first minute till the end. It’s the first official single for Kat DeLuna’s second album, Inside Out which will be available later this year.

Rating : # # #

2. Ke$ha – Blah Blah Blah (feat. 3OH!3)

It hasn’t been officially named as the second single but it totally should be. Hot dance track. and the 3OH!3 electronic influence in the song helped too.

Rating : # # #

3. Miike Snow – Cult Logic

This Swedish group was formed in 2007 but came tomainstream music only few months back. The airing of their “Animal” song on one of  Gossip Girl’s episode helped them to gain recognition. It’s electronic. Like everything else nowadays.

Rating : # #

4. Story of The Year – I’m Alive

I’m Alive is the first official single from Story Of The Year’s latest album, The Constant. Just like any other Story of The Year to me (I don’t really follow these guys), but I like it.

Rating : # # #

5. Jewel – Stay Here Forever

Taken from Valentine’s Day OST, which featured practically starring everyone in Hollywood, this song is a cheer and catchy country pop song. It stuck in your mind easily. The OST itself featuring many great track from known artist such as Taylor Swift, Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Maroon 5, etc.

Rating : # # #

6. Kevin Rudolf – I Made It (feat. Lil’ Wayne, Jay Sean, Birdman)

I Made it is the newest single from Kevin Rudolf. Featuring Lil’ Wayne, Jay Sean and Birdman made the song sound unique, with a blend of Hip Hop, R n B, Rap, Rock and a little Synth. Good song. Catchy.

Rating : # # #

7. Lady Gaga – Telephone (feat. Beyonce)

Planned to be the second single from The Fame Monster, the song originally proposed for Britney Spears’ Circus, but it got rejected. Your loss, Britney, it’s a great song. Me myself practically everything comin’ from Lady Gaga, and this one is no exceptions.

Rating : # # #

Not to be Missed : Colbie Caillat – I Never Told You (pop ballad), MoZella – More of You (Duffy-ish song, but a little more mainstream), Orianthi – God Only Knows (sounds a lot like Michelle Branch. this one a ballad pop-rock) , Jason Mraz – Kickin’ With You (very Jason Mraz, from OST When In Rome), Alicia Keys – Put It in a Love Song (feat. Beyonce) (Next single from Alicia, her type of song)

ATM : Another Truthless Myth

Posted in Peep Talk by mibnufajar on 13 January, 2010

If we spent most of our life in these last few decades, we surely couldn’t imagine how to live without ATM. This cash machine had eradicate the problem caused by the limited time of banking hours. I could still vividly remember my college days when i’m still financially dependent to my parents. ATM is my saviour, hahaha. All hail to ATM, hehe. But nowadays, plastic credit card had taken the role used to be held by banknote, making banknote less and less popular, and so does the ATM machine.

Soooo… ATM. How much do you know about this device ? Do you know that most people are using this machine on friday than any other day ? Or do you know that at its early days, ATM were not connected to the bank’s server ? Or maybe the simplest question, is it stands for Automatic Teller Machine or Automated Teller Machine ? If you don’t know, the latter answer is the correct one. Some other myth/fact about ATM are these :

1. ATM can help you from being robbed.

I’ve read somewhere that ATM actually could hand a little help when you being forced to draw money from your account involuntarily (a.k.a being robbed at ATM). All you have to do is input your PIN in reverse order. If your PIN is 1234, and your being forced to drain your money some stranger with a knife, panic not, just do what he told you to, and when it comes to input your PIN, you should input 4321. The money will still come out of the machine, but the machine will send a signal to the bank server which will be forwarded to the nearest police station you were at. So, you got a chance to catch the robber if you hold them a little longer till the police came.

But logically, if this was true, then PIN like 1221 won’t be acceptable, since the machine won’t be able to tell the difference between reverse and non-reverse PIN input. I test the machine once, will it be able to accept this kind of PIN, and apparently, it does approve the change. So, either it is completely a hoax or such system requires additional technology and only available on specific ATM machine by certain banks or countries.

2. ATM can give you free money

First, I should let you know that if you ever though to do this, do with your own risk. ATM has specific protocol that, if you draw money from the machine, it will wait for 30 seconds for you to take the money. If you didn’t took the money in the given time, the machine will swallow back the money and the transactions is considered canceled and your account balance will be restored. The interesting fact is, if you draw money, let’s say one million rupiahs, and took only 3 or 4 banknote, leave the rest in the machine holder and wait for 30 seconds, the machine will still assume the transaction canceled and restore your previous account balance. The machine won’t be able to tell the difference between amount of money it draws and took back (READ : You could took money from ATM for free).

Personally, I’ve never tried this one, but i did watch how the money holder in the ATM works, and i can tell, it’s kinda hard to take the money partially without making the rest also being taken. So probably this one particular myth is true, it’s just how you make it work. Hahaha

I’m sure you guys curious does it really works. Come on, do your little experiments, and report back to me. Wkwkwk.

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