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Using Macbook is Bad for Your Memory

Posted in Apple, Stuff Around Me by mibnufajar on 26 October, 2011

I have been a Mac person for about a year now, and while there’s many good things about Macbook that made it a superior from Windows-based PC, it also has it downside. It makes you forget things (sigh!). Below i have put down a list of things I forgot now that I own a Macbook :

1. Where did I put my files ?

Mac has this amazing feature called Spotlight that indexed everything on your computer, files, emails, webpages,etc. and If I wanted to search for something, I just fired up spotlight and it will search for them, super fast (unlike its Windows copycat feature).  And every time you fired up Finder (Mac equivalent of Explorer in Windows), you are being presented with list of files based on its type in a chronological order so it’s even easier to find files you recently used.

Both of those feature makes you no longer need to navigate to folders to find your files and makes it even harder to remember where did you put your files.

2. What is driver ?

Printer is one of my most hated electronic devices out there. They seems to be broken  every time you need them the most, combine it with Windows and you got a disaster. Printer driver is one of my biggest complain when using windows computer. Sometimes you just want to use a printer for one-time printing yet you have to scramble to find the driver, not to mention when you do find the driver, they install some useless add-ons with it.

What happen with printers in Mac ? You don’t have to worry about it. Mac regularly download printer driver from Apple server (you can opt to only download the popular type of printer) so when you do plug a printer on it, you just have to select the correct type of printer from the list and ta-da.. you’re done. And the good thing is, regardless of the type of the printer, they will all have consistent interface in Mac. Compared that to Windows : different printer, different bloated, ugly interface, ugh. Such an eye sore.

Moreover, this driver thingy is not only limited to printer. Remember when you’re installing  Windows (every year or two) ? you have to find the right driver for the right operating system and you have to restart your system countless times. No, this doesn’t happen in Mac. Basically, there’s no such thing as driver.

3. Have I charged my laptop yet ?

Brand new windows-based laptop usually only have 2 hours battery life. Mac is double than that (at the minimum). It is very power-efficient, you can watch three episodes of Desperate Housewives without worrying about power cord.

4. How to shut down this laptop ?

Power-wise, Mac laptop behave more like smartphone than desktop computer. It is designed to be on all the time so you basically don’t have to turn off your computer, just close the lid and in a few seconds the computer will go to sleep with every component turned off except the memory (RAM). When you open the lid, it will be ready for use instantly. The only time you need to shut it down is when you’re not planning to use it for a long period.

This behavior saves you a lot of time. Booting computer takes a lot of time, more so if you have installed many, many programs that require itself to be active at boot time. This is the reason I only shut down my PC computer at work on Friday afternoon.

5. What ? There’s a virus in a computer  ?

Despite what you might’ve read somewhere, I assure you, from real life experience, there’s no such thing as virus on Mac. I’ve witnessed too many of my colleagues losing hours even days of their productive time to deal with viruses on Windows.

Few months ago there’s a widely reported Malware attack on Mac (despite being widely reported, it only attack small number of users), since then Software Update feature on Mac added an additional defensive measure, by automatically updates the system to defend itself from such attack.

6. Mmm.. How to use this mouse thing.. ?

Multi-touch is amazing. It is much more natural than using a mouse and I can’t describe the wonder of using trackpad instead of mouse, you have to try it. Remember the awe you experienced using touchscreen smartphone or tablet for the first time ? Apple devices give you even better multi-touch experience. Swipe here, pinch there, it’s all so magical.

7. Have I saved my files ?

We’ve all been there. We wrote 10 pages long paper due for tomorrow and when Word asked for saving, we press Don’t Save instead of Save. Dark times it was. Well, that no longer happens in Mac. Mac (note: OS X Lion only ) automatically saves your work, and you even can easily revert back when needed. Cheers to that.

Sounds like a Mac endorsement, no?

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A Moment of Silence

Posted in Curhat by mibnufajar on 7 October, 2011

I woke very early that day, it was my last day in Bali and I wanted to make the most of it..

I watched the sunrise, did some Yoga and jogging by the beach before went for breakfast. It was a very peaceful morning.

Then I read the news while I’m having my bread.

I said “Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Roji’un” spontaneously..

I spent the rest of the morning reading obituaries (while shedding a few tears, hahah) and personal experiences from many people who had the luck to encounter Steve Jobs in their life. And from what I’ve read, he is a great man indeed (and being dead helped too, people tend to say nice things to you when you’re dead).

Thought it’s been said countless times, it is weird to feel so much connection and sadness for someone you don’t know. When my friend’s dad died, i feel sad for my friend, for how he felt. But when Steve Jobs passed, i feel sad for my self. It really feels like losing a relative..

Three or four years ago, if someone had asked me, name one person, dead or alive, you would loved to have a chance to chat with, I would’ve come up with a generic answer like Mahatma Ghandi or Albert Einstein. But it was all changed when I read about Steve Jobs. His excellence, his temper, his passion, his perseverance, his perfectionism, his taste, he is an inspiration. Until now, not one person has ever had so much influence on my way of thinking and doing things other than him.


If being asked to name that one person to chat with, have you found yours ?




Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

–Steve Jobs–

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