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Cinema 21 & XXI M-tix Reload

Posted in Movies, Stuff Around Me by mibnufajar on 16 July, 2012

Buying movie ticket for Gandaria XXI IMAX is a battle of life and death. It made you realize the length Jakartans will go to embrace their hedonism. You either start queuing at 10 AM sharp or buy your ticket via M-tix

IMAX Gandaria City

Thank God, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to own BII saving account to reload your M-tix account. you CAN reload your M-tix from every bank connected to:

  • ATM Bersama (practically every bank in Indonesia except BCA)
  • Prima (BCA, and many other bank, minus BNI and regional banks)

How ?

Go to your ATM, access the Transfer menu, to other bank account (Rekening Bank Lain). You know how to do it, right? for the bank code number, use 016 (BII), this code applies for transfer from ATM Bersama and Prima. For the account number, use 7821XXXXXXXXXXX, where X is your telephone number user for M-tix. If it’s 085255022033, then the account number is 7821085255022033. You’ll know if the transaction succeed because you will get a notifications by sms and email like five minutes or so.

(Note: Sometimes transfer via ATM won’t work. I usually use internet banking from my bank, BNI since it’s more reliable. The steps are the same, like you’re transferring funds to another bank. If it still doesn’t work, try doing it after business hours.)

Now what ?

Buy the ticket !

Contrary to popular belief too, you CAN choose your own seat. The only let down is you can’t buy your ticket anytime. There’s time limit :

  • Monday to Thursday tickets can only be bought on its respective day, from 06.30 – 11.00 AM.
  • Friday to Sunday tickets can be bought starting Friday 06.30 AM. Still, past 11.00 AM you cannot buy ticket for that day.
  • Advance tickets can be bought up to a week before showing, depending on Cinema 21/XXI’s decision.

M-Tix Cinema 21 & XXI

All in all, I think Cinema 21/XXI is still superior to it’s closest competitor, Blitz Megaplex. Blitz seat is so uncomfortable and they sell shitty food with a hefty price. They charge us three times the price of Nu Green Tea and dare to call it “Green Tea”. Cinema 21/XXI’s food is just as expensive but at least they put an effort to make their food special.

Note :

* Just to clear any potential confusion, Cinema 21/XXI & Blitz Megaplex I’m talking about are movie theater chains in Indonesia, not the one in Portland or any other places.
* M-tix reload can also be done via 21 (Cilandak Town Square and Setiabudi One) and any XXI cashier, including Gandaria City but be advised, the traffic is pretty crazy.
* When I first applied for M-tix, they are offering me reload feature via SMS but you have to sign a letter of attorney (surat kuasa) for them to charge your credit card (it’s in Senayan City, but when I asked the XXI cashier Plaza Indonesia, they know nothing about it)


ATM : Another Truthless Myth

Posted in Peep Talk by mibnufajar on 13 January, 2010

If we spent most of our life in these last few decades, we surely couldn’t imagine how to live without ATM. This cash machine had eradicate the problem caused by the limited time of banking hours. I could still vividly remember my college days when i’m still financially dependent to my parents. ATM is my saviour, hahaha. All hail to ATM, hehe. But nowadays, plastic credit card had taken the role used to be held by banknote, making banknote less and less popular, and so does the ATM machine.

Soooo… ATM. How much do you know about this device ? Do you know that most people are using this machine on friday than any other day ? Or do you know that at its early days, ATM were not connected to the bank’s server ? Or maybe the simplest question, is it stands for Automatic Teller Machine or Automated Teller Machine ? If you don’t know, the latter answer is the correct one. Some other myth/fact about ATM are these :

1. ATM can help you from being robbed.

I’ve read somewhere that ATM actually could hand a little help when you being forced to draw money from your account involuntarily (a.k.a being robbed at ATM). All you have to do is input your PIN in reverse order. If your PIN is 1234, and your being forced to drain your money some stranger with a knife, panic not, just do what he told you to, and when it comes to input your PIN, you should input 4321. The money will still come out of the machine, but the machine will send a signal to the bank server which will be forwarded to the nearest police station you were at. So, you got a chance to catch the robber if you hold them a little longer till the police came.

But logically, if this was true, then PIN like 1221 won’t be acceptable, since the machine won’t be able to tell the difference between reverse and non-reverse PIN input. I test the machine once, will it be able to accept this kind of PIN, and apparently, it does approve the change. So, either it is completely a hoax or such system requires additional technology and only available on specific ATM machine by certain banks or countries.

2. ATM can give you free money

First, I should let you know that if you ever though to do this, do with your own risk. ATM has specific protocol that, if you draw money from the machine, it will wait for 30 seconds for you to take the money. If you didn’t took the money in the given time, the machine will swallow back the money and the transactions is considered canceled and your account balance will be restored. The interesting fact is, if you draw money, let’s say one million rupiahs, and took only 3 or 4 banknote, leave the rest in the machine holder and wait for 30 seconds, the machine will still assume the transaction canceled and restore your previous account balance. The machine won’t be able to tell the difference between amount of money it draws and took back (READ : You could took money from ATM for free).

Personally, I’ve never tried this one, but i did watch how the money holder in the ATM works, and i can tell, it’s kinda hard to take the money partially without making the rest also being taken. So probably this one particular myth is true, it’s just how you make it work. Hahaha

I’m sure you guys curious does it really works. Come on, do your little experiments, and report back to me. Wkwkwk.

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