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Using Macbook is Bad for Your Memory

Posted in Apple, Stuff Around Me by mibnufajar on 26 October, 2011

I have been a Mac person for about a year now, and while there’s many good things about Macbook that made it a superior from Windows-based PC, it also has it downside. It makes you forget things (sigh!). Below i have put down a list of things I forgot now that I own a Macbook :

1. Where did I put my files ?

Mac has this amazing feature called Spotlight that indexed everything on your computer, files, emails, webpages,etc. and If I wanted to search for something, I just fired up spotlight and it will search for them, super fast (unlike its Windows copycat feature).  And every time you fired up Finder (Mac equivalent of Explorer in Windows), you are being presented with list of files based on its type in a chronological order so it’s even easier to find files you recently used.

Both of those feature makes you no longer need to navigate to folders to find your files and makes it even harder to remember where did you put your files.

2. What is driver ?

Printer is one of my most hated electronic devices out there. They seems to be broken  every time you need them the most, combine it with Windows and you got a disaster. Printer driver is one of my biggest complain when using windows computer. Sometimes you just want to use a printer for one-time printing yet you have to scramble to find the driver, not to mention when you do find the driver, they install some useless add-ons with it.

What happen with printers in Mac ? You don’t have to worry about it. Mac regularly download printer driver from Apple server (you can opt to only download the popular type of printer) so when you do plug a printer on it, you just have to select the correct type of printer from the list and ta-da.. you’re done. And the good thing is, regardless of the type of the printer, they will all have consistent interface in Mac. Compared that to Windows : different printer, different bloated, ugly interface, ugh. Such an eye sore.

Moreover, this driver thingy is not only limited to printer. Remember when you’re installing  Windows (every year or two) ? you have to find the right driver for the right operating system and you have to restart your system countless times. No, this doesn’t happen in Mac. Basically, there’s no such thing as driver.

3. Have I charged my laptop yet ?

Brand new windows-based laptop usually only have 2 hours battery life. Mac is double than that (at the minimum). It is very power-efficient, you can watch three episodes of Desperate Housewives without worrying about power cord.

4. How to shut down this laptop ?

Power-wise, Mac laptop behave more like smartphone than desktop computer. It is designed to be on all the time so you basically don’t have to turn off your computer, just close the lid and in a few seconds the computer will go to sleep with every component turned off except the memory (RAM). When you open the lid, it will be ready for use instantly. The only time you need to shut it down is when you’re not planning to use it for a long period.

This behavior saves you a lot of time. Booting computer takes a lot of time, more so if you have installed many, many programs that require itself to be active at boot time. This is the reason I only shut down my PC computer at work on Friday afternoon.

5. What ? There’s a virus in a computer  ?

Despite what you might’ve read somewhere, I assure you, from real life experience, there’s no such thing as virus on Mac. I’ve witnessed too many of my colleagues losing hours even days of their productive time to deal with viruses on Windows.

Few months ago there’s a widely reported Malware attack on Mac (despite being widely reported, it only attack small number of users), since then Software Update feature on Mac added an additional defensive measure, by automatically updates the system to defend itself from such attack.

6. Mmm.. How to use this mouse thing.. ?

Multi-touch is amazing. It is much more natural than using a mouse and I can’t describe the wonder of using trackpad instead of mouse, you have to try it. Remember the awe you experienced using touchscreen smartphone or tablet for the first time ? Apple devices give you even better multi-touch experience. Swipe here, pinch there, it’s all so magical.

7. Have I saved my files ?

We’ve all been there. We wrote 10 pages long paper due for tomorrow and when Word asked for saving, we press Don’t Save instead of Save. Dark times it was. Well, that no longer happens in Mac. Mac (note: OS X Lion only ) automatically saves your work, and you even can easily revert back when needed. Cheers to that.

Sounds like a Mac endorsement, no?

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A Moment of Silence

Posted in Curhat by mibnufajar on 7 October, 2011

I woke very early that day, it was my last day in Bali and I wanted to make the most of it..

I watched the sunrise, did some Yoga and jogging by the beach before went for breakfast. It was a very peaceful morning.

Then I read the news while I’m having my bread.

I said “Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Roji’un” spontaneously..

I spent the rest of the morning reading obituaries (while shedding a few tears, hahah) and personal experiences from many people who had the luck to encounter Steve Jobs in their life. And from what I’ve read, he is a great man indeed (and being dead helped too, people tend to say nice things to you when you’re dead).

Thought it’s been said countless times, it is weird to feel so much connection and sadness for someone you don’t know. When my friend’s dad died, i feel sad for my friend, for how he felt. But when Steve Jobs passed, i feel sad for my self. It really feels like losing a relative..

Three or four years ago, if someone had asked me, name one person, dead or alive, you would loved to have a chance to chat with, I would’ve come up with a generic answer like Mahatma Ghandi or Albert Einstein. But it was all changed when I read about Steve Jobs. His excellence, his temper, his passion, his perseverance, his perfectionism, his taste, he is an inspiration. Until now, not one person has ever had so much influence on my way of thinking and doing things other than him.


If being asked to name that one person to chat with, have you found yours ?




Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

–Steve Jobs–

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Holidays on Blackberry

Posted in Blackberry by mibnufajar on 22 April, 2011

Makanya disinkron sama kalender dinding…

Cewek #1: “Eh, minggu depan kita nggak ada kelas kan? Libur kan?”

Cewek #2: “Oh ya? Emang libur apaan? Emang tanggalan merah? Kok di handphone gua nggak tanggalan merah sih?”

–Kampus Swasta di Tangerang, didengar oleh semua teman yang curiga handphone cewek #2 keluaran pemerintah.

(Source : Nguping Jakarta)

Cewek #2 mungkin oon, tapi mungkin juga brilian. Semenjak baca artikel ini, gw jadi bertanya, gimana caranya biar kalender di Blackberry gw bisa nampilin tanggal merah. Dan gw nemu solusinya….. beberapa abad yang lalu, cuman karena males nulisnya, baru gw tulis sekarang.

Apa yang akan kita lakukan ?

Pada dasarnya kita akan mensinkronisasi aplikasi Calendar di Blackberry dengan Google Calendar yang udah ditambahin hari-hari libur nasional Indonesia

Apa yang kita butuhkan ?

  1. Blackberry
  2. Akun Google
  3. Aplikasi Google Sync

Bagaimana langkah2nya ?

  1. Akses http://calendar.google.com via browser PC
  2. Setelah login, dibagian kiri bawah ada pilihan Other Calendar. Nahhhhhh, pilihan ini untuk menambahkan kalender hari libur ke dalam akun kita. Klik Add, kemudian pilih opsi Browse Interesting Calendars
  3. Pilih Indonesian Holiday dan pilih Subscribe.
  4. Langkah opsional : Menurut pengamatan guwe, Indonesia Holiday yang disediain Google kurang lengkap tanggal liburnya, jadi kalau mau pake kalender laen juga boleh. Salah satu yang gw rekomendasikan adalah dari Mozilla Project (http://www.mozilla.org/projects/calendar/caldata/IndonesianHolidays.ics). Cara nge-add tinggal klik Add di Other Calendar, kemudian pilih opsi Add by URL, kemudian masukkan link diatas, klik Add Calendar.
  5. *tadaaaaa* Kita sudah setengah jalan. Istirahat dulu klo capek.
  6. Berikutnya dari Blackberry, download aplikasi Google Sync dari alamat ini http://m.google.com/sync (via BB Browser)
  7. Buka aplikasinya. Trus Login. pilih Configure Sync.
  8. Google Sync ini berfungsi untuk mensinkronisasikan dua hal, yaitu Google Contact dengan Phonebook dan Google Calendar dengan Calendar. Mending nggak usah pilih yang sinkronisasi phonebook, drpd entar phonebook jadi double entry atau ada yg ilang. Pilih sinkronisasi Calendar aja. Inget itu ya tweeps! #twitteraddict
  9. Pilih Sync event for 52 weeks, kemudian klik nama yg muncul dibawah opsi Sync these Calendar, akan muncul list kalendar, kemudian centang kalendar yang sudah kita tambahkan (dibawah opsi Other Calendar)
  10. Apabila kalian emang memanfaatkan Google Calendar buat ngatur schedule kalian sehari2, atur opsi-nya biar sinkronisasi Automatic. Klo kalian adalah manusia gak jelas yang gak butuh aplikasi calendar buat ngatur jadwal (kayak gw), cukup Manual sync sekali aja, abis itu aplikasi Google Sync-nya bisa dihapus. Ntar sync lagi tahun depan.
  11. Klik back, setelah kembali ke main screen (yang ada tulisan Last Succesful Sync sm Data Usage), klik menu BB dan pilih Sync Now.
  12. Langkah opsional : Ubah tampilan Google Calendar jadi warna merah di Calendar. Biar lebih khaffah gtu tanggal merahnya. Tinggal pilih Options di aplikasi Calendar, klik _______@gmail.com di list Calendar, terus ganti Appointment Color-nya

And we’re done. Sekarang tiap ada hari libur, tanggal di Blackberry bakal ikutan merah.

Primera’s Heavy Rotation : January 25th, 2011

Posted in Music by mibnufajar on 25 January, 2011

1. Taio Cruz feat. Travie McCoy – Higher


If you like “Break Your Heart”, you’ll probably going to love this one. Coming from Taio Cruz compilation album, “The Rokstarr Collection”. Travie McCoy rap is a little annoying but overall, the song is destined to be another top chart for Mr. Cruz. Btw, there’s another version featuring Kylie Minogue here

2. Ke$ha – Blow


A definite dance club anthem with it’s heavy retro-progressive beat. It seriously doesn’t need to get remixed anymore.

3. Avril Lavigne – What the Hell



First single from Avril upcoming fourth studio album, “Goodbye Lullaby”, this one is a soul-less pop-rock-punk song (you know, typical Avril). Avril said that the album is going to be a very personal album, and this one is the least personal. I hope it’s true, cos this one is a very radio friendly track and doesn’t seem to have an emotion at all (but very enjoyable)

4. Cody Simpson – iYiY


If only the song is awful, I would call Cody Simpson a Justin Bieber’s copycat. But iYiY is a very addictive R n’ B track you should check. Coming from Australia, he’s as young and singing the same genre as Justin Bieber.

5. Unique feat. Charice – Wherever You Are


Charice’s voice simply amaze me. Her voice soars and this one song is no exceptions. If you’re hoping for a power ballad like “Note to God”, this is not what you’re looking for. This one is a catchy R n’ B duet track with Charice as a featured artist but she still manage to get spotlight.

6. Carrie Underwood – There’s a Place for Us


Thumbs up for The Chronicles of Narnia music director. They know how to pick a good soundtrack. After Alanis Morisette – Wunderkind, Switchfoot – This is Home and Regina Spektor – The Call, the soundtrack for the third installment of C.S. Lewsi classic is just as good. You just feel related to this full-orchestra ballad.

7. Adele – Rolling in the Deep


Adele shows her singing power with the first single from her Sophomore album, “21”. Sounds fragile and powerful at the same time, it’s more upbeat than “Chasing Pavement” but just as heartbreaking.

8. Auburn feat. Iyaz – La La La


Super catchy R n’ B song, you’ll be hooked from the first listen.

9. Christina Aguilera – Express


Soundtrack from the musical of the year (IMO at least), It’s a little repetitive but it’s Christina Aguilera we’re talking about. It’s gooooooooddd.

10. P!nk – Fuckin Perfect


Mid-tempo pop rock track, It’s one of four new track from P!nk Greatest Hits album and it’s totally deserve being placed in a Greatest Hits album. It’s a P!nk classic track, you know, something like “Just Like a Pill” or “Don’t Let Me Get Me”

11. The Script – Science & Faith


Non-single track from the album with the same title, it’s everything you hope from The Script.. Sing-able song, deep lyrics you can feel related to and a catchy tune.

12. B.o.B feat. Rivers Cuomo – Magic


Saying “Magic” repetitively has never been this fun. The chorus is just super good.

2010 Songs You’re So Sick of Hearing

Posted in Music by mibnufajar on 24 January, 2011

Just like 2008 (and all the way to 2009) gives you nausea every time Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours is being played (again), 2010 had its own weapon to disgust you with catchy but overplayed songs. And here it is my list of songs that got you the same feeling. You know, the one that got you saying, “Oh, dear Lord.. Not this song again!”

The Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

    This song is like the anthem of dance club in 2010. And it’s not even good. The only acceptable way to enjoy this song is after the fourth glass of whatever alcoholic drinks you can find.


    Ke$ha – Tik Tok

    The fairy godmother of auto-tune were a blast this year with her always drunk and trashy appearances. Too bad her voice is like Naomi Campbell. Beautiful on the record with her auto-tune make up, unbearable on the inside.


    Any song by Taylor Swift (They’re all sounds the same anyway)

    Her voice character is not my favorite, but i have to admit her “Fearless” album contains mostly good stuff. If only I’m having the options only hearing it once or twice a month.



    Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

      This song is good. Not as catchy as the songs from the original The Fame album, but catchy and enjoyable nonetheless…. at least before you’re hearing it for the 1000th time.


      Eminem – Love the Way You Lie

        I think most of us agreed on one thing : The only part we love from this song is Rihanna’s chorus. But to get through all that crappy rap just to hear those four lines, it didn’t worth it. (Thank God the producer ask her to sing a sequel to the song, with an almost-to-none part to Eminem)


        Paramore – The Only Exceptions

          It’s a sweet song. Until someone in your karaoke group think s/he can sing the song with an off pitch voice and a Rachel Berry-esque style (No offense to you, my dear karaoke friend. I really don’t mind with your perfect-pitched, golden voice, guys)


          Justin Bieber – Baby

          How Bieber’s song work : write a line of lyrics, create a cute way to sing it and then sing the line over and over again fro the rest five minutes of the song. It works for me in “One Time”. And it’s still sounds cute in “One Less Lonely Girl”. “Baby” ? Not so much. Too many repetition. and his dance sequence sucks.


          Owl City – Fireflies

          I don’t like the song, but the song is uber popular, sooo.. I’m trying to fall in love with it too (That’s just the wayI am). And just like a conditional love, i got bored after awhile. But the problem is, people’s love for the song doesn’t seems to go away.


          Sinta & Jojo – Keong Racun

            Every time I hear this song being played in my karaoke session, I have to ask forgiveness from God from being a fake pretend, dancing and singing along to the song i never liked. (except for the part “Sorry, sorry, sorry Jack!” I love that and only that)


            Melinda – Cinta Satu Malam

              It’s even worse than Keong Racun. I’m wondering what’s on everyone’s mind. This is one of the ugliest, badly written, badly executed song I’ve ever heard my whole life.


              Love it ? Hate it ? Any song that is out of my radar ?


              Couples Dynamics

              Posted in Quote by mibnufajar on 27 December, 2010

              This is so true and way too funny, I feel obligated to put it on my blog. I don’t own the picture, credit goes to whoever created it. Thanks, pal

              Wikileaks. Simplified.

              Posted in Peep Talk by mibnufajar on 23 December, 2010

              –Apa itu Wikileaks ?

              Wikileaks adalah sebuah website dan organisasi non-profit yang menampung dan menampilkan dokumen2 rahasia dari pemerintah dan korporasi di seluruh dunia.

              –Dokumen seperti apa saja?

              Banyaaaaaaakkk, misalnya : video tentara Amerika yang membantai warga sipil Afganistan, pembuangan limbah di Afrika, perusahaan farmasi yang menekan WHO, Dokumen 9/11, dan sebagainyaa…

              –Apa yang membuat Wikileaks menjadi topik hangat saat ini ?

              Karena bocornya kawat diplomatik Amerika Serikat, mulai dari tahun 1966 sampai 2010. Dokumennya berjumlah 251.827. Kawat ini memuat banyak sekali rahasia negara dan merupakan kebocoran dokumen terbesar yang pernah dipublikasikan oleh Wikileaks. Bahkan kebocoran dokumen paling besar yg pernah ada, for that matter.

              –Oke, oke.. Apa itu kawat diplomatik ?

              Kawat diplomatik itu.. Seperti milis, untuk keperluan komunikasi antara kedutaan besar dan konsulat jenderal AS di luar negeri ke Washington dan sebaliknya. Hanya orang2 dengan hak akses tertentu saja yang bisa membaca kawat tersebut.

              –Kok bisa bocor ?

              Oleh salah satu tentara Amerika sendiri, people. namanya Bradley Manning. Dia mengakses salah satu komputer dari tempat dia bertugas di Irak, ngunduh data dari server, dibakar ke CD Lady Gaga, people. lalu dikirim ke Wikileaks.

              Sekarang Mr. Bradley Manning ditahan oleh AS.

              –Terus2, apa saja isinya ?

              Banyaaaaaaakkkk, saking banyaknya, si Wikileaks ngeluarin dokumen2nya sedikit demi sedikit.. Wikileaks mem-publish sekitar 80 dokumen/hari. Kalau mau baca selengkapnya, buka aja website Wikileaks di atas. Tapi untuk topik yang penting2, misalnya :

              1. Amerika Serikat memerintahkan diplomat2nya untuk memata-matai Sekjen dan Pejabat PBB lainnya. Dan perlu pembaca yang budiman (halah) ketahui, ini pelanggaran serius terhadap peraturan PBB. Tapi, saking powerful-nya Amerika, tidak ada yang bertindak.

              2. Rusia mempertimbangkan untuk menyerang Polandia, tapi Amerika dan negara2 NATO memihak Polandia

              3. Terdapat daftar infrastruktur-infrastruktur yang apabila diserang oleh teroris, dapat mengganggu keamanan nasional Amerika Serikat. (ini leak yang paling parah, karena ngasih teroris daftar tempat untuk diserang). Untung pihak Wikileaks sudah menyensor nama tempat dan data sensitif laen sebelum dipublikasikan,

              4. Amerika selalu ngomong2 tentang demokratis dan liberalisme, tp sebenarnya mereka mendukung diktator lohhh.. terutama di Asia Tengah. Kenapa ? Katanya “Lebih gampang bernegosiasi dengan diktator dibanding parlemen”. Dukungan ini termasuk ngasih puluhan juta dolar dari kas negara untuk mendukung mereka.

              5. CIA merencanakan kudeta pada presiden Kyrgyzstan, Askar Akayev pada masa pemerintahan dan atas perintah George W. Bush.

              6. China diam2 berusaha mensabotase jaringan komputer negara2 barat. Salah satu contohnya adalah hacking terhadap Google awal 2010 kemaren.

              7. Negara2 Arab TIDAK suka dengan Iran, terutama Presidennya. Mereka mendesak Amerika Serikat untuk menghancurkan fasilitas Nuklir-nya Mr. Ahmadinejad.

              8. Pangeran2 Saudi Arabia minus2 kelakuannya.. party, mabuk2an, seks bebas, yah begitulahh..

              9.Vatikan tidak menyetujui Turki masuk ke dalam Uni Eropa karena jumlah warga muslimnya. Dan secara umum, ada sentimen negatif atas meningkatnya jumlah warga muslim di negara2 barat.

              Wahh, banyak yahh.. ini cuman summary aja loh. Dan hanya sebagian kecil dari 251 ribuan dokumen yang ada.

              –Terus2 apalagi yang menarik dari dokumen itu ?

              1. Sudah jadi rahasia umum sebenarnya, tapi korporasi2 Amerika Serikat itu powerful sekali. Contohnya, Ada kawat dari petinggi Shell yang bilang mereka punya “orang2” di Kementerian, atau kawat tentang Pfizer yang memeras Jaksa Agung Nigeria supaya berhenti menginvestigasi praktik percobaan obat, yang membunuh anak2 Nigeria.

              2. Diplomat2 ini suka mengomentari pemimpin2 dunia dan ada beberapa yang lucu-lucu. Misalnya Istri presiden Azerbaijan yang katanya ekspresi wajahnya terbatas karena keseringan operasi plastik. Angela Merkel (Kanselir Jerman) dipanggil Teflon, karena kalo dikritik nggak pernah nempel. Jan Peter Balkenende (Perdana Menteri Belanda) disebut mirip Harry Potter.

              –Waw, okay. Thanks. Terus, bagaimana reaksi Amerika Serikat ?

              Sangat-sangat kelabakan dan marah. Editor in Chief-nya Wikileaks, Julian Assange sekarang lagi kena kasus pelecehan seksual di Swedia dan dipersulit kehidupannya. (timing-nya pas banget ya, tadaaa…)

              Hampir semua perusahaan Amerika dan Eropa menolak untuk me-hosting server Wikileaks (nyediain infrastruktur supaya website tersebut tetap jalan).

              Paypal, MasterCard dan Visa menutup account yang terkait dengan Wikileaks.

              Intinya, segala sesuatu yang berkaitan dengan Wikileaks bisa dibilang diperlakukan layaknya teroris. Untungnya identitas orang-orang dibalik Wikileaks tertutup rapat. Hanya Mr. Assange saja sebagai spokesperson-nya yang tampil di publik

              Padahal pembaca yang budiman, Wikileaks pada dasarnya tidak melanggar peraturan apapun loh di AS. Mereka hanya mempublikasikan dokumen2 itu, dan berdasarkan hukum disana, yang bersalah hanya Bradley Manning si pencuri dokumen. Tapi teteup ya, semua perusahaan di atas kalah sama tekanan pemerintah.

              –Terus, adakah pihak yang mendukung mereka ?

              Ada dong. Pertama, Australia. Soalnya Julian Assange itu berkebangsaan Australia, jadi point of view mereka sedikit banyak terpengaruh kali ya. Pada dasarnya mereka bilang, “Amerika harusnya lebih fokus mengeksekusi pencuri dokumennya, bukan Wikileaks”.

              Kedua, koran-koran terkemuka di dunia. The New York Times (Amerika Serikat) , The Guardian (Inggris), El País (Spanyol), Der Spiegel (Jerman) dan Le Monde (Prancis) punya akses ke kawat-kawat diplomatik tadi dan mereka tetap mempublikasikan berita-berita terkait kawat itu (meski sebagian ada dalam tekanan dari pemerintah masing-masing).

              Hacker, yang menamakan diri mereka hacktivist. Gara2 menutup account Wikileaks, situs  Paypal, Mastercard dan Visa sempat down gara2 diserang hacker.

              Dan terakhirrr,  pihak-pihak yang mendukung kebebasan informasi tentunya.

              –Terakhir, Mungkin gak sih ini cuma konspirasi Amerika Serikat saja untuk menguntungkan mereka ?

              Mmmm.. I don’t think so. Secara banyak banget rahasia bocor yang merugikan Amerika, seperti praktik memata-matai Sekjen PBB atau daftar infrastruktur penting bagi keamanan Amerika Serikat. But feel free to construct your own conspiracy theory.

              Kasus Wikileaks masih berlanjut, so let’s see how it goes… Tapi menurut gw, apapun usaha Amerika untuk menyembunyikan dokumen itu bakal sia-sia. Once it become available on the internet, it will stay available for good.

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              Unlimited Wants Vs. Limited Resources

              Posted in Curhat by mibnufajar on 23 November, 2010

              Sounds familiar ?

              It’s the very foundation of economic problem. It’s the reason why we should learn about interest rate, the complex mathematic solution to annuities, about accounting, about debits and credits. It’s why “Economy” major exist.

              Unlimited wants vs. limited resources, or scarcity, is a problem that occurred because humans have unlimited things they want, but our earth can only provide a limited resources to fulfill those wants (please note there’s a vast difference between “want” and “need”). That’s why we need economy, to distribute those resources appropriately.

              Now, I’m not gonna tell a boring tale about economic theories here.. Just a short quote from my first grade teacher in High School.. Her name is Mrs. Syamsiar. She’s not exactly someone i would call a “model teacher” (in other word, she’s not that smart and competent), but there’s this one quote that I remember to this very day. It’s when she explained to us about the aforementioned scarcity. She was saying,

              “Actually, it’s not resources that’s unlimited. There were more than enough goods for all of us. What’s limited is our MONEY, right ?”

              Yep, just like that she attack the most fundamental economic problem. Adam Smith would wake up from his grave just by hearing the sentences. Of course i resent her and her theory.


              Fast forward to last night, when i realize I had a major debt problem. My shopping spree were uncontrollable thanks to this little plastic card who gives me illusion I have another zero in my bank account balance ( Ok, I definitely exaggerating about how much is my credit card limit if it could add another digit to my saving, but you get the point)

              It kinda made me realize that actually, to a certain extend, she was ‘right’ all along. To every person, individually, the so-called “economic problem” is not unlimited wants vs. limited resources.. but unlimited wants vs. limited incomes. Of course in bigger picture, Me and the rest of the world was right and she was wrong.

              Back to my problem, I think all I need is some sanity..

              I would go as far as saying that I am what I wear (My dear friend Aldre once remind me of that). Sometimes I feel insecure without good clothes (My shopping problem list mostly consists of clothes). I feel like I couldn’t match or compete with others in this harsh social world, where everything is judged by your physical appearances.

              People used to tell us it’s about your heart, your inner beauty. What’s most important is that you’re nice. But apparently, now it’s ok being cruel as long as you’re hot. You deserved to be a narcissist cos you’re good looking. It’s acceptable to be a little rude cos you’re rich.

              All these things are killing my self esteem. So I need all these clothes to bring me back from the deep well of desperation..

              And I blame the society for my credit card bill.


              My Current Obsession : Pedro Sandals

              Posted in Stuff Around Me by mibnufajar on 15 November, 2010

              I’m Drooooooooling over these sandals.. can’t decide which color to choose though. Hmm..

              I’ve visited Pedro store in Pacific Place, too bad they don’t have it.

              Primera’s Heavy Rotation : Apr 16th, 2010

              Posted in Music by mibnufajar on 16 April, 2010

              My friend once ask me why i put songs i hate in these so called “heavy rotation” posts.. Been doing some thinking, and yes, i agree with him. I should only and only put good music here. So from now on, awesome music and awesome music only.

              1. Charice – Pyramid (feat. Iyaz)


              Charice Pempengco, the popular Youtube artist from Philippines is releasing her first international album and this is her second U.S. first single, featuring Iyaz. Mid-tempo R n’ B song with a catchy tune, I just love it.

              2. Scouting For Girls – This Ain’t A Love Song


              British music was totally fresh and different than US music scene, which dominated by R n’ B, Hip Hop and Country music.. (oops.. And Lady Gaga too..). They are indie pop band formed in 2005, with a frontman who sounds a little like Liam from Oasis. It’s a pop rock single with an orchestra (always love the combination).

              3. Carmit Bachar – Cream


              Usually I’ll expect a song from estranged member from a very popular girls band to be awful (and it usually does) but this one is awesomely decent and totally listenable and better than any singles from Nicole Scherzinger. The song included in EP titled Something ‘Bout You, in which she’s being featured by Detroit Diamond (pictured above)

              4. Christina Aguilera – Not Myself Tonight


              Probably the whole world already had Christina’s long awaited single, just want to let you know that in the CD Single there’s three versions of the single, Dirty, Clean and Instrumental. This one is the dirty version.

              5. Macy Gray – Beauty In The World


              Finally ! A decent single from Macy Gray since I Try. Coming from the album, The Sellout, the single actually had Carmit Bachar singing as a background vocal (If I’m not mistaken)

              6. Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets


              Awesomeness.. If you love electro slash dance music like the rest of the world, you must be in love with this single. Ellie’s super unique voice plus disco beat and there you have it. Super song. This song is like no other if you bored with all songs in your library.

              7. Taio Cruz – Break Your Heart (feat. Ludacris)


              It”s a chart topper in Billboard 100. So i think no need for explanation. Catchy Hip Hop song.

              8. Parachute  – The Mess I Made


              This one is a non-single track from a Pop Rock band debut album, Losing Sleep. Kinda like it.

              9. Cheryl Cole – Parachute


              The songs pretty old actually, released as a third single from Cheryl Cole album 3 Words, this one is an example of today’s perfect pop song.