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Primera’s Heavy Rotation : January 25th, 2011

Posted in Music by mibnufajar on 25 January, 2011

1. Taio Cruz feat. Travie McCoy – Higher


If you like “Break Your Heart”, you’ll probably going to love this one. Coming from Taio Cruz compilation album, “The Rokstarr Collection”. Travie McCoy rap is a little annoying but overall, the song is destined to be another top chart for Mr. Cruz. Btw, there’s another version featuring Kylie Minogue here

2. Ke$ha – Blow


A definite dance club anthem with it’s heavy retro-progressive beat. It seriously doesn’t need to get remixed anymore.

3. Avril Lavigne – What the Hell



First single from Avril upcoming fourth studio album, “Goodbye Lullaby”, this one is a soul-less pop-rock-punk song (you know, typical Avril). Avril said that the album is going to be a very personal album, and this one is the least personal. I hope it’s true, cos this one is a very radio friendly track and doesn’t seem to have an emotion at all (but very enjoyable)

4. Cody Simpson – iYiY


If only the song is awful, I would call Cody Simpson a Justin Bieber’s copycat. But iYiY is a very addictive R n’ B track you should check. Coming from Australia, he’s as young and singing the same genre as Justin Bieber.

5. Unique feat. Charice – Wherever You Are


Charice’s voice simply amaze me. Her voice soars and this one song is no exceptions. If you’re hoping for a power ballad like “Note to God”, this is not what you’re looking for. This one is a catchy R n’ B duet track with Charice as a featured artist but she still manage to get spotlight.

6. Carrie Underwood – There’s a Place for Us


Thumbs up for The Chronicles of Narnia music director. They know how to pick a good soundtrack. After Alanis Morisette – Wunderkind, Switchfoot – This is Home and Regina Spektor – The Call, the soundtrack for the third installment of C.S. Lewsi classic is just as good. You just feel related to this full-orchestra ballad.

7. Adele – Rolling in the Deep


Adele shows her singing power with the first single from her Sophomore album, “21”. Sounds fragile and powerful at the same time, it’s more upbeat than “Chasing Pavement” but just as heartbreaking.

8. Auburn feat. Iyaz – La La La


Super catchy R n’ B song, you’ll be hooked from the first listen.

9. Christina Aguilera – Express


Soundtrack from the musical of the year (IMO at least), It’s a little repetitive but it’s Christina Aguilera we’re talking about. It’s gooooooooddd.

10. P!nk – Fuckin Perfect


Mid-tempo pop rock track, It’s one of four new track from P!nk Greatest Hits album and it’s totally deserve being placed in a Greatest Hits album. It’s a P!nk classic track, you know, something like “Just Like a Pill” or “Don’t Let Me Get Me”

11. The Script – Science & Faith


Non-single track from the album with the same title, it’s everything you hope from The Script.. Sing-able song, deep lyrics you can feel related to and a catchy tune.

12. B.o.B feat. Rivers Cuomo – Magic


Saying “Magic” repetitively has never been this fun. The chorus is just super good.

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  1. Okit Jr said, on 26 January, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    selamat ulang tahun, beib…
    —-rekan sarapan yang gw cintai sepenuh hati..
    semoga sisa umurnya berkah ya…


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