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Sugar, Oh.. Honey, Honey..

Posted in Blackberry, PC Doctor by mibnufajar on 3 December, 2009

How you ever been in this situation ?

You got plenty of work from your office that you’d like to finish at home, but as you arrive from work, you open your laptop and you realize that there’s  one tiny little file on your office PC that you forgot to copy and without it you can’t continue your work. Or maybe, you’re not the working kind of guy, but you download that illegal mp3s whenever you had a chance, either at work, at home, at bus, whenever. So your music collection we’re scattered on your laptop, PC, iPod, phone, blah3. And just about when you’re really in the mood for that catchy Lady GaGa song, you realize that it isn’t on your phone. It’s stored on your PC at work. That sucks. It happens to me all the time. Sometimes I downloaded a song twice just because I want to hear it badly.

Now, worry no more dear, cos SugarSync is coming into town. SugarSync is one of the many file synchronization manager which its main duty is, well, synchronize file across many PCs, laptops and smartphones you have.

It works over the internet of course, and stores your data on the cloud –not literally—so all your files will be available whenever and wherever you want to access it.

Ok. Sounds cool. How do I do it ?

First, you have to have a SugarSync account. It’s free for a 2GB storage, but you must pay for a storage bigger than that. Access http://www.sugarsync.com

Next, you must download and install SugarSync Manager on every PC, Laptop and Smartphone that you’d like to synchronize. For Smartphones, it support Blackberry, iPhone and probably WiMo phone. I’m sure Android support willl come along soon.

Then, put your file that you’d like to synchronize on folder called Magic Briefcase on you’re My Documents folder.

And Tadaaaaaaaa… The folder and its content will be available on all the computer that has SugarSync Manager installed. Everytime you make a change on one computer, the change will be reflected on all computer connected.

Tampilan SugarSync di Windows Explorer

One good thing about SugarSync is that its blended well with your windows explorer. So it feels like you’re working with a normal file on a normal folder. The only difference is that the icon has a little notification on the down left, green means the file is up-to-date, yellow means its still synchronizing.

I highly recommended this program. It increases your productivity.

(Probably the narratives I’ve written didn’t excite you to use SugarSync, but trust me. Its not because the program, its my writing skills.)

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  1. Arif Rahman Hakim said, on 16 December, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    Waow…ada ya teknologi kayak gitu…
    Mmmh…sayang gw ga’ punya hp canggih…heheh…
    Malah kalo ada kerjaan ketinggalan di kantor, gw mah bersyukur bisa tidur pulas malem itu…hahahakz -dodols mode on-
    Kalo ditanya boss, “kan ketinggalan…” -sambil nyengir-
    Sebenernya sugarsync ga terlalu bikin gw takjub sih, tapi yg bikin gw lebih takjub lagi, postingan-nya pake bahasa inggris semua… (melotot)

  2. Arema said, on 15 January, 2010 at 5:41 pm

    Why doing office work @ home? You then forfeit your right to the overtime compensation.

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