Ibnu Bohari

Fooled Me Again, Honest Eyes

Posted in Curhat by mibnufajar on 11 August, 2009

I’m such a weakling..

Emotionally retarded..

Fool !

I’ve seen this coming before..

I’ve been there before..

But why can’t I do something about it ?

The thing is, I really enjoy every minute I spend with you (and yes, that’s include minutes I heard you snoring in front of my ears)..

I didn’t even care about your past ( I lied that I know nothing about it. I do know, but I want to make you feel comfortable when you’re with me)

I can overcome your extravagant habit (I kinda found that thing in your room, and its a shock for me, but somehow i manage to keep silent)

Guess, I just did it again.. I devoted myself on some uncertainty.. Too much, Too soon..

What should I do now ?

Guess I have to make myself another challenge, the Patty Hewes’ Challenge. Hup !!!

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