Ibnu Bohari

Wild Hope

Posted in Music by mibnufajar on 27 January, 2009

I don’t really into writing something at the moment but..

I think I need to post something regularly to make this blog lively..

Anyway, I  Just Had my 22nd birthday last sunday, and it was fun..not “really fun”..it was just “average fun”, hehe..But hoping a “really fun” birthday is not the reason why i named this post Wild Hope, thought i might want it deep down (hehe)..

I named this post “Wild Hope” cos i’ve been listening to Mandy Moore songs from her last album, which actually was out about May last year (Huuuu..Late.., I Know)..But I’ve never heard of it since so little publication we heard in Indonesia about this album (or is it only me ?)

Anyway, the songs are different from her previous work, this one sounds more folk and calming..reminds me of Jewel or Ingrid Michaelson..

I think its great song to listen while you’re driving (I only can imagining it, since i don’t know how to drive, hehehe..)

My favorite track is “All Good Things” and “Wild Hope”..

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