Ibnu Bohari

What A Weekend

Posted in Peep Talk by mibnufajar on 19 January, 2009

I Love holidays. And Weekend. And Monday, if i don’t have wake up at 6.30 to go to work.

But one thing i hate from holidays is how much you spend your monthly salary on it. Once i read from Cosmo, some people spent 48% money they made a whole month for weekends. Especially when there’s long weekend.

Same to me. Lately my money been staying at my account for less than a week before i withdrawn it, spend it for movies, restaurant, clothing, redecorating my room, swimming lesson, beauty centre, dentist, blah blah blah..

I gotta stop this ‘generous’ behaviour, even though i really–really enjoying almost every moment of it. I’m turning poor! how ’bout my car obsession ? Or a house in hometown ?

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  1. mip2 said, on 23 January, 2009 at 1:15 pm

    hahahaha…solusinya nu…make much, much, much money…until u dont have to worry about ur spending habit…b’ wait a sec…is it called habit…??


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