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10 Things I Love About Ally McBeal

Posted in Hobbies by mibnufajar on 4 August, 2008

Here’s 10 Thing I Love about Ally McBeal :


10). The Way Nelle Porter always shows up everytime they talked about them

9). The Way John Cage nervous and stuttering when about o say poughkeepsie

8). Ally dan Ling Woo yang marah dengan konyolnya karena nama mereka dipanggil..Don’t “Ally” me! (its your name you know..)

7)The theme song that Tracy (psychiatrist) told? that was such a great idea..I should have one..but still can’t figure it yet..

6).Istilah-istilah konyol mereka : Snappish, Poughkeepsie, Fishism, Ip ? Hahahahaha..Do they even exist?

5).Lagu-lagu sepanjang film-nya sebagian sangat2 romantis, dan sebagian lagi sangat fun..Terutama lagu Barry White, It’s so 70’s and 80’s..and we love that! (Meskipun gw baru lahir ’87,ehehehe..)

4). The numberous people Ally was dating ? some of the cast really are cute..I mean good..the acting, you know..

3).Ally (n kadang tokoh lain) yang keseleo lidah in a funny way..misalnya :

– OK! I’ll kiss you later..I mean i’ll see you later..(Ally ke Billy Thomas)

– So, Ally…what’s up with the big kiss?..case! (Richard Fish ke Ally di depan Georgia Thomas)

– Hei! My name’s Ally Mcbeat, Meat, Meal, Beal, Mcbeal (Ally diperkenalkan Georgia ke Ray, mantan Georgia)

2). The Unisex bathroom ? Wow..that’s the gossipper’s heaven and the juiciest place to talk, I love that idea!…and look at the way how people so suspicious when they’re about to talk something discreed and looking under the stall..They know it wasn’t save there for talk but they’re doing it anyway,hahaha..Not to mention the most surprising person could appear from one of those stall at anytime..

1). Its portrays part of my life…I Love Ally !

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  1. sefthina said, on 26 September, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    i love that movie actually..
    sangaaat ekspresifff skalii…

  2. mibnufajar said, on 30 September, 2009 at 10:00 am


    Yepppp ! stuju.. funny because of their spontaneous and awkward reaction.

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