Ibnu Bohari


Posted in Peep Talk by mibnufajar on 10 July, 2008

We live in a very-very shallow world..Ni ada artikel pendek yang gw kutip dari http://www.fashionrat.com :

You know, I have to admit that I’ve always felt that there was something crucial wrong with our world.
No, not the existence of poverty, or the endless cycles of greed, the increasing rate of extinction of animals species. or even the pollution of the oceans and fresh water.

No, not the massive income disparity in the world, not the issues with young adults and body image, not the rise of consumerism, not the erosion of education or the lack of adequate health care in the world. All these things, I’m fine with. Give us more filthy rivers, for all I care.

No, my problem is that, up till now, babies had no way to be as shoe-obsessed as they should be. Thankfully – this tragedy has come to an end: Heelarious makes ‘her first heels’. Those of you that are outraged, be aware that this is mostly a joke, something to dress your baby up in that’ll provoke an eruption of laughter from your friends.

But I ask: why not? There’s a massive potential market there, just waiting to be tapped. If we force shoe fashion down the throats of our babies now, who knows? The world is your oyster.
Yes. itulah pemikiran sang penulis artikel..Sepatu high heels buat bayi jauh lebih penting daripada kemiskinan di negara dunia ketiga ato kerusakan alam n polusi..

Just like she said…”for all i care..”

How sad..

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